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Dream is that fell our home whether or simmering at that moment of trump gesture to the democratic side of the aisle democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer said the speech had an air of on reality because what trump said was so different from how he's governed his first month in office congressman steve cone is a democrat who represents tennessee's ninth district which includes memphis congressman welcome to hear now good to be with your summer calling it mr trump's most successful most presidential address yet what did you hear well indeed it was because he hasn't had a successful or presidential addressed to date so no matter what he did it would be better than what it can see we've seen in the previous thirty nine r forty days i think it was staged well i think the who was written to an appeal to the america's some hopes and a lot of fears and i think he read it properly but was already sincerity to it was ernie reality to it now and we talked about and it was twenty to the democrats up time to get the i'm trivial things and then small disagreements sounded good it's kind of like he was being president but what what what bore or those things those things were things like his campaigns connections with rush intelligence who hacked the election and committed it took if if it correctly and accurately proven treason a sacks and it right stew's income taxes which he won't released for recent said i think relate to his investments impossible connections to russian investors those are not trivial things those are fundamental to democracy a fundamental too america bang i have a system of election center fair up up or not influenced by the russians and and not having a president.

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