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Bad Pasco turning point. He takes the shot goes wide. Right. Barkov will control it by the Panthers net. L let Keith Yandell carry it up at all is the Panthers lightning. Get a partial change year. The drop pass. It's quite up at center lane out at glad right circle. Zips it cross ace be grabbing my coffin in the offense is to the left point. He gets checked. He fumbled. It a little bit. Tyler Johnson turns it out to gore Yanni gore. Gordon, drops it for turn Accolate again. We're about to be back to five on five. Ryan mcdonagh by the lighting goal around the nearside Cherniak five on five hockey again. The little Johnson to center ice bucket backing incident to Panthers in the first Riber rolls it for wheat or the far corner. Little he walked by pocket. Hold it for Tyler Johnson left Ford off his stick. We are trying to clear it Michael Haley, slots it down the ice. I don't think there's going to be nicic. No, rated Coburn reels it in with five forty two left in the first two the lightning trail over to center ice punches it in Matthew Joseph four check moving Coburn right circle by the Joseph. He's chasing it to the left circle. Checks. Wieger comes up with Joseph's had a very active first period. Petrovic finally intercepts back Wego does not have his helmet, but he left the pocket y'all make a play out to l'amico center, ice, you l'amico. Dumps it in the mix checked a bit behind the net sceviour a steel replay. Colbert knocked it away from sceviour. CVS track left circle point. Matheson, shoots saved me Ribas loose the being provided to stick it away to Joseph Matthew Joseph clears this is maybe an icing. And this one is similar to that Jimmy play where Louis felt it should have been an icing. This one hit off the side of the nap. But never touched Riber so tough shift to the lady is going to continue here. Four fifty seven left. I Panthers lead to two one. Shots are ten three lightning. The to Florida goals did come off to on once. For the face of the worst of the Lightning's advantage. Podcast brower to the left of demand. By the Panthers like Matheson at the left point couldn't hold it in though. Past came to the camp back in the neutral zone. Brower looked at dumping it. Colbert will intercept though right at the light blue eyed at floated high near back to the Panthers and the light to change Pethick to center ice right side fee. Troy brouwer. It in five awaiting debate. We'll play the headman side beat out to center ice his past retake. It by MacKenzie back in giving chops the puck around the near boards to D T Miller Miller makes his way to center.

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