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Now traffic and weather on the eighth suspect Jack Taylor in the traffic center now Right in Maryland, Roost will start on 95 headed in the South bound direction as you approach the capital Beltway, either headed toward college, Parker headed over toward silver spring before you make the decision. Apparently, we do have a military vehicle broken down along the right side of the roadway in Laurel crews were checking 1 97 south after the Baltimore Washington Parkway. There's been word of a crash to do be careful now you will find we've got work sounds, causing delays to 70 North. Right into Clarksburg. Left sides tied up. Stay right to get by. Baltimore Washington Parkway slows both directions. First South bound to roll down after the Good luck, Right overpass work in the right lane slow again as you head towards Kendall Worth Avenue checking to see if we have our roadwork down your 50 that maybe stretching on to d C to 95. We're checking North BW Parkway up near for 50. There's works on their single aim should be getting you buy two way preparation under under. If away right now on 50 out of the Bay Bridge, two lanes east, two Lanes west, The westbound spans got the left lane taken away. Soon to be giving you a third lane going east Sligo Creek Parkway right now is closed between 29 Wayne Avenue. This is scheduled road repairs from storm damage. Crews are gonna be out there closing the roadway till about two this afternoon. Now you're looking decent as you ride in the district. We did have activity on beach drive. It's closed between Blackburn Avenue and Park Road till further notice. Last week's flooding did an enormous amount of damage. He will find We'd had activity in Virginia. Very few things happening there. Knock on wood. Dale Boulevard east, the Ram to go south on. I 95 had one facing the wrong direction. Utility work on university Drive south between Wood Road, Stafford Avenue, Stratford Avenue. Excuse me, Traffic alternating there. His work in Falls Church on Westbound Leesburg Pike Route seven year 66 taking away the right lane, the Beltway crash slowing out of Springfield on the interview past the Robinson terminal is in the main line after Braddock Road along the left side of the roadway, Aerojet Rocketdyne is advancing defense propulsion to meet the extended range speed and lethality needs of tomorrow. Learn how Aerojet Rocketdyne is moving defense faster and farther. First at rocket dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic, No Storm Team for maybe urologist Chuck Bell. Good morning, still a fair number of clouds in our skies, and that's going to be the case for much of the late morning and early afternoon hours, But a clearing trend.

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