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Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. Would I rather gain twenty or lose to? I guess I'd have more fun, gaining twenty win feel worse doing it, but I'd have fun doing and I'd feel worse when I was all said and done, and I go look at me, I've gained twenty pounds, but these offenses Lyman. I mean, this happens in colleges all over America where these guys go in in a lot of these guys can go in as a you might go in as tight end and all of a sudden they go, you know what? We're gonna make you offense lineman. We need you to bulk up and we need to. There's a kid that was on the Alabama show on the mothership. What's the name of that? That training camp with retied and there's a kid who had to gain like sixty pounds in a year, and he showed me what he ate. He'd lift weights and he'd eat while lifting weights. And he gained sixty pounds, which I don't know if that's possible, but he was able to do that. They're guys at the mothership where they would come in and they had just. Retired that all of a sudden you'd see him like a year two years later and they look like me, you know, they'd be down like fifty sixty seventy pounds. Right. Got a stat of the day here. Seton. Dayton. Satan. On Thursday. The Mets became the first team in modern baseball era that since nineteen hundred win and lose games in the same season, by at least twenty runs three teams did it prior to nineteen hundred actually scored. Thirty runs yesterday in a double header and had only one window show for it. Stat of the day brought to you by the great folks at continental tire. They have a tire for what you do, what you drive, how you drive for more information on all their great products, continental tire dot com, proud supporter of the Dan Patrick show..

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