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That means several feet of floodwater mandatory evacuations have already taken place many neighborhoods along the river the governor declared a state of emergency and warned residents today it was too early to return to flooded neighborhoods this is not the time to run back to your house we we think that we are either at or near the crest of the river but and we do think that is going to a receipt for relatively quickly over the next couple of three days first responders have carried out several emergency evacuations fox's Steve Harrigan is in Jackson the highest crest for the Pearl River was forty three point two feet back in April of nineteen seventy nine it's one twenty one nobody likes to see an animal in pain and the animal welfare league of Arlington has stepped in to help a call came in from an animal rescue in West Virginia on Valentine's day they found a young orange tabby cat that had been shot in the head with an arrow when the cat was brought to Arlington for surgery the vet estimated the arrow had been there at least a week and had cause serious infection it took two hours to remove the arrow during surgery the cat has been named Cupid he'll need to be monitored carefully the bill for surgery in hospital care will be more than sixty five hundred dollars the animal welfare league of Arlington would appreciate some help to pay for Cupid's care bill log in staying WTOP news.

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