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Until the recording studio. What's interesting here is like vanilla took so much shit like the owns. That i know of mealy. Vanilla is because of the joke of like. Oh these guys were impostors however they were the ones who orchestrate these scams and favor in the projects and someone came on in the projects. Chilling on the stew out moving on up moving on east side. We're finding a good piece of the german or the french the other one. I was trying to do french in sterile today. Literally were just chilling and was i. Hey for two thousand dollars and you get to go to a pool. Every tuesday to pretend that you're singing about like what exactly this is. A great gig. They have to literally just show up and they're getting paid paid right and they've shitty record deal of course it's probably a three sixty where they own your whole booty hole but also visible to be senior awesome like the company owns everything but it never was yours. Truly you should only sign at three sixty deal if you are 'cause i can't sing or contribute anything but like beautiful looks. I don't know though you should still get somewhere coins for that. Because it was the face because about frank's face wasn't bringing them going yosano to look it up again frank barium prying you. He was so. But i do feel bad for vanilla because they took the head. They weren't even the people who made the name were the people who made the music they were just trying to get out of a bad situation and now they're the laughing stock even though they weren't the bad guys. Yeah i don't know about frank. For what the fuck is i think. I don't know mary and i don't know him. I don't even know mill even ilise name. I just know million finale right. So i feel bad because i never knew. Frank was pulling the strings. I was just laughing villa so on july twenty first nineteen eighty nine while on the club mtv tour in bristol connecticut. Wow have her life fall apart in bristol. Connecticut that's tragic like imagine more. Sad place savvy. life fall. Apart liberal spin on shit everywhere bristol personal growth. Keep it real in bristol. Connecticut bees baby. We'll be having that shit you in the hood now baby and really so more veron more vaughn. Sorry i'm fucking unnamed us. They were seeing their mega hit girl. You know what is true which we just heard which is mostly intro would make sense and make sense to me. Because i'm like okay. I can't say we're just going to have a lot of intro. I'm not mad at good math. So they're singing this. When they're live in tracking began to skip. It was and i just again. First person point of view it was like a national international story. It was like when this happened. Everybody's like dijon. Your he's tracks artists keeping and they're not actually. It was a fucking scandal. The can be like tonight. Many bonelli a fraud now. I know you don't recognize me because most singing voice is very different very different questing. Twenty one savage and i am the same person because twenty savage as bridge. I love the twins british. I love it so much. He liked twenty. One is a knife but they have some measuring twenty-one savage at home bring me the blakey. That's what i think is that's a no. Yeah that's what. The kids call a firearm. The british the british kids know the black ones in blakey.

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