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Answer senior was his it was his last ever racing event he drove annette event lack no kidding while sounds like it's certainly worth checking out a lot of legends and as you mentioned ray we had a legend elected to the hall of fame this week jeff gordon who of course is synonymous with your success you guys are inextricably linked just take me through like what wednesday was life where you like how did you find out where were you in we know what felt like for you last year getting elected what was it like watching him get elected it was just very important for me to be there even though i knew he was going to be doing race hub and he wasn't going to be on site himself and we all kind of knew it was going to be kind of a no brainer for jeff to get in but i still want to be there so i actually went to the hall of fame did some some different things media and whatnot and sat there and waited but it was some he he's much closer to me than a driver crew chief relationship he's he's part of my family he is he is that little brother that you you look at your soul proud of him and i wanted to be there and experience and i thought to myself a new sooner lady was going to get in but it was that final market you know people like the world now has to stop and really look at everything he's done okay when you get elected the hall of fame okay why and who and what but now his body of work is going to be put out there and what's really cool he gets to celebrate it for a year right his body workers out there for a year and people will realize that jeff gordon is much more than just a guy that one a lot of racism championships he did something in our sport that in my opinion only richard petty and dale earnhardt have ever done with popularity richard petty i used popularity attention to our sport early dale earnhardt changed it forever in in the eighties and when jeff gordon came along the nineties he changed it again and i don't know that anybody has done that.

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