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Coming up sponsored by the word on wealth financial network AM eleven seventy the answer. nineteen fifty-six his father escaped from prison in hungary when he was facing life in jail for fighting against communism in the soviet invasion his mother escaped at the same time they fled to the u._k. he learned from an early age how to fight the war against fascist communists and nazis became a world expert in fighting terrorists wrote the book why we fight joined the trump team on the white house staff in twenty seventeen now twenty nineteen he takes this battle to a national radio platform this is america first with some best in gorka welcome to the new age well they went they did it just yesterday we had james o'keefe on america first right off the his organization project very tass released the undercover video with google executives and the mosques video with an inside at google in which they documented they provided the primary evidence of how google has become a political actor wishes to subvert the democratic process in our republic what did they do Yes, they took the video down. this is a report from the daily wire james barrett the new project veritas video that includes testimony from a whistle blower leaked internal documents and undercover footage of a google employee discussing how the company is working to prevent quote the next trump situation has been pulled by youtube a platform owned by google quote due to a privacy claim by third party this is the second project very tasks big tech expose video taken down by the platform in two weeks the video for those of you who didn't get a chance to watch it yesterday i i re posted it on my twitter feed it features clips of project veritas undercover reporters secretly recording a discussion with gen- genetic i head of google's quote risk responsible innovation team do you wanna know what they're innovating at google's responsible innovation team well allegedly that group monitors the responsible implementation of odd official intelligence technologies to what purpose to a political purpose in the video filmed in a restaurant in san francisco jen janai discusses the rationale behind how google uses a i in the video she says the reason we launched a._i. principles is because people were not putting that line in the sand that they would not saying what's fair and what's equitable so way like well we are a big company we're going to say it she adds the people who voted for the current president do not agree with our definition of fantas- If you didn't get to see the video since it was pulled. another clip shows jeonju nate discussing google's attempt to prevent quote another twenty sixteen she says elizabeth warren is saying we should break up google and like i love her but she's very misguided like that will not make better it will make it was because all the smaller companies who don't have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next trump situation it's like a small company khandu do that geno what she's saying the she saying liz warren who wants to break up google because it's monopoly is wrong because only google can stop trump that's what she said this head of a._i. principles of the biggest information platform in the world world is saying only we can stop the american people from choosing to reelect donald trump this woman gentlemen goes on to say we all got screwed over in twenty sixteen again it wasn't just us it was the people got screwed over the news media got screwed of like everybody got screwed over so we're rapidly been like what happened then how do we prevent it from happening again we're also training the wit wit choice woods we're also training our algorithms i trained an algorithm if 2016 happened again would we have would the outcome be different she asks that's the video that youtube pulled by the end of the day citing third party privacy consents they were caught red handed and what do they do they don't care they double down on the censorship of information they pretend that they're unbiased platform but they want to censor an hide from you the fact that they are a political actor and they wished to subvert you'll election next year i want to hear from you tell me what you think with regards to the platform that all of us us right if if you're on youtube if you're on google then they can control that the numbers eight three three three three golca g. o. k. eight three three three three four six seven five two in other important news we have a new press secretary to the president stephanie grisham who has worked for the first lady since i begin since since i believe the beginning of the trump administration will be stepping into sarah huckabee saunders shoes we have iran basically announcing that any diplomatic revenue resolution to the con- situation in the middle east is now impossible i guess they're inviting i guess that makes them the provocateurs and in case we didn't know in case certain conservatives show hosts and commentators didn't realize that iran isn't belgium that iran isn't like other countries we have an explosive report outs from the u._k. and also the jerusalem post that iran iran smuggled khaw a ton of t. a. t. p. favorite terrorist explosives explosive smuggled hof a ton of it last year how do they do that they smuggle it to france to attack an iranian dissident gathering to kill iranian dissidents in europe but how did they ship it In a diplomatic bag. yes against all international laws to do with diplomacy and diplomatic community the regime of the mola's of the theocracy that is iran used the immune from search diplomatic courier bags to smuggle explosives to europe to kill dissidents because iran's just another country right maxine waters and that drone was in iranian space wasn't it and we shouldn't be spying on iran because who needs to survey a country that's smuggling terrorists explosives through the diplomatic pouch that would be just so cine such a cine thing to do wouldn't it maxine iran an international scourge that some on the right think is just another country.

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