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Went. And jumped into the lap of her co host a in where on live television, and she's screaming in the lap of her co host when I hadn't realized is that the cameramen this is old school cameras. They all got blinded. So three cameramen no one's asking the camera. They're all doing this. The directors in the back when this she screaming live television. She's clutching her chest. She says thank we're still on. Thank god. I didn't swear on live television. Go to swear on my television. Only thing her co said threaten entire said right now he looked off camera. He said what route new pants for her? Please. Erector says cut cut a commercial cut. Go to commercial. We went to commercial. There was my director off camera that was visual. We should leave. So in most states, I'm considered an expert in networking, but in Connecticut, I'm considered an arsonist. The point of the story that I make when I do the speech is look we all screw up. I bet you didn't. I bet your not going to screw up on live television. I have so don't worry about screen up. Nobody cares. Move past it figure out how to do is. Right. You can be highly successful in your networking, and you and you're not gonna mess up on live TV like that's the point. And the story really hits home that everybody makes mistakes. And that's where I say where you know, if you can if you can have some self deprecating humor, somebody looks at you dang. He's really successful. Then they look at me in the. Yeah. But he's done some pretty stupid things too. So we all have that's the story. If I couldn't tell that story life just would not be as as fun. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing the story. I haven't I appreciate it. Wonderful truly, my pleasure. Absolutely. So where's the best place? People can connect with you. So. My blog Ivan Meisner dot com, a lot of free content, including a new book that came out recently. Who's in your room? I was in your room, suite secret to creating your best life. Great book. I got a lot of content up there. It's offering everything up there is free. And of course, if someone is interested in in being I you to be an ied dot com and lots of chapters all around the world accent. And I'll linked to those the shots for listeners too. Great at the book is you can go to the book, you can get it on Amazon, but who's in your room dot online. If you want information about the book, who's in your room dot online, burbot excellent. What thanks again. I appreciate your time today. I've and this was a lot of fun. Thank you. Dan, yet, some great questions questions that I'm rarely ask. Thank god. Thanks. So you had a storyteller Dr Ivan miser of BNI what an incredible organization such a good guy. So I hope you enjoyed the episode. And if you did share it with somebody Senate on social media, Email texted tell somebody I just tell people on the street have a podcast. It up. But if you tell them even better, so thank you for that. And again, if you are new here you want to subscribe, text the word storytellers two three one nine nine six. Visit the website storytellers network dot com for more resources, and how to tell a great story from park howl from Donald Miller from other great resources and just connected me. But of the contact page on there will be a button says contact and send me an Email. Let's out conversation. All right. So there you go. Thank you for listening. If been reviews, thank you for being a part of the story tells us network next time, here's telling stories having stories. Jerry.

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