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Go a week. I need to tell. Wait. Awesome. I appreciate it. Wants to this is not what he wants to into. What? Now, they grab the handcuffs. And they start to arrest. And they take his bible, and he just peacefully says, please don't find just don't take my bible away. Please don't take my bible away. This is something if you see this video is like from some dystopia futuristic movie that you that you hate. That's england. And soon we'll be here. We'll mall writer from faith wire. How're you doing? Well, I Glen how're you doing good. I know you've been following this in in England tell us what's going on. Yeah. It's a crazy crazy story. I mean, it just it popped up on Twitter the other day this video and looking into it. It was very clear that I'm really this guy. He was preaching done naturally. Nothing. Wrong was just expressing himself is just basically preaching to people who've heard listen when they walk composite done. Nothing wrong with two wasn't threatening anybody for colds actually, split the metropolitan place about it. And they said to me that the pace for cool because he was supposedly being Islam associate allow was quickly denied few minutes later. He wasn't being islamophobic until I was just his eye on the police officers. They said didn't. So he's basically just preaching and clean it up. Just a few people gathered around one best plays with them. And the officers say best side and decided that we die one you here anymore. So the the you can sit in the video that you just said he. The officer offensively said that he was preaching peace, which he wasn't. He wasn't inciting violence. She wasn't doing anything illegal under the law. So he said, well, you'll breaching people walking us you'll causing day, and nobody wants to hear it basically say that was interesting Coleman. And so then he he basically much them off the arrested him and much more, which was completely unnecessary. I actually came out today that he that affects the peace told me that they then took out the station realize they can charge him with anything realize it done. Nothing wrong. And be arrested him was the phrase. Let him go. Yeah. I'd never had that one theater. You know, it's amazing to me will is here in America. We just had these radical preachers preaching hatred preaching race riots. And they were on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and innocent kids are listening to it. They're blamed for causing breaching the peace if you will being racist. And nobody said anything about the preachers who were just absolutely vile. But you don't have freedom of speech in England. Well, we in some senses, we have freedom of expression and the European Convention human rights or just pause the UK human-rights not Jay that's that. Should give us a sense of freedom of expression, but take the laws that govern how EBay in the public square if you're inciting hatred or violence and. That can be legal. But it was clear that he wasn't doing this. So he was basically just expressing himself putting on opinion in in the public square, and there's absolutely no grounds to to arrest him after say, yeah. And I mean, there's another interesting aspect in that the police officer you can actually hear him in the video Audrey snatches the bible though as much as horrible saying. And he says, oh, please. He says he should have thought about that before you being racist. And I asked the piece about his that she didn't get back to me on this particular point. Because I said you've just told me that she wasn't I Islam. It wasn't that ratio. He was projecting on anybody. The peace didn't hear any race racist remarks. So we'll also wall set about why suddenly. Suddenly accusing him thing racist. They didn't have just male now on it's amazing. These these were two white officers talking to a black Jamaican about being racist. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So the outrage has been pretty pretty big in the tip. Amongst like of clergy quality, people senior Christian leaders in the UK wanted to see more from the specific debris and a few other people to actually speak out in. This guy's behalf. Did she hit today that he the the guy in question to preach? He was eventually be arrested as the Mets he said and then dropped off somewhere. I mean, she had no money on him. So he basically didn't know what to do and where to guy or someone helped him out and he ended up going back to the south station. No Sunday and continuing on preaching. Let's get on. And let's say, well, what is the what's the health of the of of Great Britain? Now. I mean we yesterday in America. We we actually had half of the Senate. Refused to vote on saving children's lives after they're born in refuse to call that infanticide and force doctors to take care of a living baby outside of the womb. I'm shocked with with what we're going through. And because I know God is just I am gravely concerned about the health of my country. What is it a health? What direction is it moving over? There. Spiritually. It's a good question. I mean, I think we are and enroll we are in dire. Straits, many ways spiritual. I think there's there's lots of issues thing raised by Christian gym by Christian leaders. But then there's lots of issues I just think cost by the wayside. I mean, he's still probably bullshit and the UK well in Northern Ireland this led to different but in the UK as a whole as a in the mainland. That's the abortion laws since the sixties have been incredibly liberal mamas over three hundred thousand abortions every year. It seems to have just taken a real back. See? Why she's Archie important to Christians or to the people who are in the in the public square, and in the public eye as as Christian leaders, and then of course, see these situations where you think religious, freedom and freedom of speech. Just in a general sense is just being with it away. I know one bar smatterings of people on social media or our age by it on that note. There's no boss outrage. A to it just seems to be becoming more and more noble. And that's that's probably why we picked up on and sort of made the thing about our poets 'cause. I think it's vital that we do that. But that's just sort of passiveness. I think in the UK which is just very dangerous in overtime. I can become the normal. You know, those sorts of incidents become very normal when we don't even realize it anymore. We don't see any. We don't see any Democrats here leaving the Democratic Party. No matter how extreme they go antisemitic or or death, you know, with the abortion embrace. We don't see the Democrats leaving. But do I read this as a good sign that you had seven labor party leaders leave the labor party because they've gone too far? Yeah. Absolutely. The anti semitism stuff has been so brewing on the surface for quite a few months later. Politicians damn very very just frustration. Jeremy Corbyn on his inability to address the head on and that she take responsibility for it. So they they defected, and then as ABC's from conservative, and the fact that as well, no one's quite sure about about independent party. That's actually gonna let like it's definitely I think an encouraging sign the lease politicians on both sides. She's saying this is happier. This particularly on domestic stuff was horrendous. Mandalay thought he didn't deal with it. Get to see principal politicians that she come out and woodwork and standing things, but I still owe to go on that front will. Thank you so much for talking to us about this will stay in touch, we'll mall. He's a writer for faith wire. You can find him at M A U L. E underscore will follow him at Twitter. Also, find good faith wire dot com. Alright. I.

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