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Thanks for tuning in on Michael Wallace three things to know at one fifteen one the NYPD is looking for the two people who were spotted dumping a college student's body from a red Toyota Camry along a street in floral park nineteen year old Nassau community college student J. Patel had been shot in the abdomen two police have broken up a dog fighting ring that stretch from the city to Long Island twelve dogs and some weapons were removed from a house in Uniondale and three house Democrats have subpoena the to Florida businessman who arrested earlier today for campaign finance violations both have ties to president trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani there was no media availability with the players after the nets beat the Lakers one fourteen a one eleven in a preseason game in Shanghai today Chinese officials are upset after the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted his support for pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong CBS news correspondent rainy Inocencio is in Hong Kong people did not mince words regarding their anger at the NBA they were shouting expletives about NBA commissioner Adam silver they were shouting expletives about the general manager of the Houston Rockets Daryl Morey saying that they were quote stupid and that they were disrespecting China Chinese authorities banned today's pre season game from airing on state run television there the team leader in video streaming is you too a Piper Jaffray survey found thirty seven percent of teens prefer you too narrowly edging out long time leader Netflix at thirty five percent the firm attributed the shift to YouTube's diversified content library which it says includes a wide array of teen oriented content this week's WCBS author talks podcast looked at history through the eyes of a child in her memoir child of the dream author Sharon Robinson the daughter of baseball legend Jackie Robinson writes about what it was like to come of age during the civil rights era she says she knew her father is an activist not only as a ball player many people don't realize that he played a role in the civil rights movement only worked alongside Dr king so I'm I'm really happy that I'm and then it I've been able to show the man that I actually knew better than I knew that basically because I was too young to know him as a baseball player I knew he played baseball but I didn't understand the story of of him breaking down segregation in baseball are I understand is that in the you know the whole bit I didn't understand well that's something I love I came to understand you know in the process of growing in and learning more about him more of the conversation with Sharon Robinson check out this week's WCBS author talks podcast you can find that wherever you get your podcasts one eighteen at.

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