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Back to podcasters your host Chris and row here, and we are here to review another fish. Film there's actually a documentary it's called clapboard jungle that is. Actually the the whole name of it clapboard jungle with the original title in IMDB and I guess it 'cause this dig it picked up right? Yes. So this has been picked up. Man Justin is on a on a roll here because this whole thing about him not getting picked up for film he gives. Life Changer, which by the way we gotta find life chain you're talking watching now because now I saw that asks has a eighty seven percent review rating on rotten tomatoes. Now, I want to see it. And But this film is run by Justin McConnell and is directed by him and is basically saying is following a five years in life and career of independent filmmaker to buy a dozen of interviews posing one question. How does it any filmmaker survive in the film business? This kinda rough. I mean if you really but it's like. Kinda rough because gives you. Making films. By the time of who will see a film. The sauces has already been made and you're getting the fruit of lot Ali. At that point. And we don't usually see this, but it also explains to me why one on the film fest or somewhere and I actually interviewed a director director of the most haggard-looking person that you interview. Of One, the director is the one that is to shoveled and just seems like the literally just got pulled out of somewhere ends because of this because. Of all the work that goes in and that's what clapboard jungle. Is. Giving you that raw behind the scenes view what an independent filmmaker and a guy who's been in the film industry and that point for fifteen years trying to find that break of night even a big break of million dollars in blockbuster films. Getting the break of getting your feature film picked up and distributed. Like ruin small here. But what what seems like small to a fan into the audience is at large but..

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