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That's one forgive me for interrupting. But on that point, though, if I could just offer a question, I mean. What makes it what to me seems to make it rather difficult is the uniqueness and unpredictability of this particular president, right? Because we you know, I could see an an agreement that that includes exactly what you just said. But as the president has proven multiple times last year, he seems very susceptible to the criticisms of you know, advisers such as Stephen Miller who want a much harder line on all immigration, or when Ann Coulter threw a bomb over social media that that seems to sway him in a way that makes it impossible to broaden the con to you know, to broaden, the terms of negotiation and to reframe it in the way, you're talking about your, yes. But you describe the same event says the president is has repeatedly changed his mind on several aspects of this issue and other issues when presented with evidence that it makes sense to do something else. Let me give just one other example. There are an estimated eleven. In million illegal immigrants in the country. They're the subject of a great deal of discussion on all sides. The fact is that a majority of those better than have don't come through the southern border, and they don't come illegally they entered the country legally with visas that are time limited. They stay after the visas are expire. So they are they convert themselves from legal immigrants to illegal immigrants. They come mostly into airports in our country. And we don't have an effective system for tracking them and forcing limitations on their visas. That's border security every much has bit every much as a wall on our southern border. In fact, it's the principal source of illegal immigrants in the country, a an enhanced technological. Solution to that problem would go a long way toward reducing the population of illegal immigrants in the country. And would be a step that everyone can claim victory on one of the problems here is that the president whether deliberately not constantly conflates legal and illegal immigration, one of the least publicized parts of his proposals. Is of course that he wants to reduce legal immigration, right? Even though the one million legal immigrants coming in tend to be not primarily Hispanic from Central America. But Asian fifty percent of their college graduates substantially higher than the college graduation rate among established Americans. And so we shouldn't be in. We shouldn't be decreasing legal immigration. We should enhance it to make sure we get the best. People from around the world who contribute so much to our society. I'd like to make one of the point if I could before the next break because I I think it's very important. There's nothing new about any of this every person in America came here from somewhere else or is derived from people who came here from someone else three hundred thousand years ago humans first appeared on earth in Africa. It took them a long time to spread around the world. Not until fifteen thousand years to go to any human set foot in the American continent. They came from central Asia people with darker skin black hair, they spread around they became the native Americans five hundred years later, white people came from Europe west across the Atlantic. And since then there has been discrimination. Demonization controversy. Over immigration. It's not new it's as old as our country. Well, Senator George Mitchell standby for just a moment. We'll be right back where talking with Senator Mitchell leaning on his experience being these US special envoy for peace negotiations in Northern Ireland and also in the Middle East. This is on point..

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