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Other in the uk awesome. I like that approach of giving a single time habits time in the sun. Yeah yeah just a think albums one five. I mean if if if you onto my head outside. I would love to be an album person of of being brought upon singles and there's an urgency to singles so this album that the album writing is basically a con is a drama of single been rising but purposely and silverdale is the place on the all of man called silverdale which i go and rights. They sung's song. The songs influenced by silverdale. And they're also written in silverdale so for me. It's very conceptual. The whole concept of the album is off silverdale about silverdale facility. Dial on my relationship with the people around silverdale but of in such a way that an excessively not for all so. You don't have to go all. We don't want to go on his journey. Oh good grief you know you can have your journey with this forthcoming out my spirit of okay. So where is the best show so channel to follow everything about truman menthols. Well we're we're on a facebook which is true falls official on instagram onto trim foles on twitter and to enforce which is where we met you. Say yeah i'm all over twitter over everywhere and you will pick up on song as well. I yes thank you i Of that makes me feel really cool. Gase twitter I have been longstanding on twitter so my followings heavier or bigger and i'm i'm just you know once you do some every day for a number of years god longtime It becomes morning habit. Share on twitter so i share my morning indie find right Instruments becoming more of a habit. It took me a while to get into it Because it was like. How do you post that. No i know. But then i realized you need an iphone or Anyways so once it got the iphone it was. I'm good to go right. Because i needed something. Just sort of bit easy. So the iphone entities area but One of my favorites. But i do like twitter. Too i think twits twitches seems to have a full from where i'm sitting anyway. I'm on note professional by any means. But i mean this this this seems to be a more of a conglomerate of musical love their. I don't know what's because i'm quite new instagram myself i way instagram seems to be the place to advertise thousand his money video. And this is the the means of me to do that by having a ten second clip whereas whereas facebook is completely in your face ironically. But you've got someone like twitter which is now. it's it's feels more aussie. Can i say that it just feels more welcoming in that respect. It's leans more chats than anything else. It's more of a collective. Yes that's the word i'm looking for. Thank you yeah yes. yeah and I find professional music. It's more focused on music. Yes i don't have my friends. Sharing their nightly meal. Eckrich is cool. Who stole some of my friends. Who are incredible chefs. I liked seeing it. And i actually get the recipes. I want that. dm me But you know what When you were a business go into instagram or twitter business as in music. Yes i agree with you and with the instagram with the food. I mean do do people do that. Live to people walk around with that. Didn't wanna plates and walk into people's houses. Look i've just. I just wanted to people. Quite bizarre gonna take a page of medina before he actually no they. Don't i actually i. I have a very odd since humor. it's a cross between george carlin mr bean the three stooges so i find it entertaining. Royce did i. There's a couple. There's a couple that have our chef quality. roy. So i get that. That's their business. Or that's their professional They either shoot Food videos so it makes sense for them to share their dinner. What what we need you but of sharing everything or the daily sale feed the deli selfie. I can handle roy's like But that's another topic. I think if we if you make him with an app that you could actually tastes taste the phone so if you took a shot of a meal but you could taste it as well we would be worth billions by the Yeah but then there'd be somebody somewhere out there that would develop a app or rule probably during the rules surrounding that tastes. I getting ball court taste to graham. That's a good one. i love it. Thank you for being on the show. Today really enjoyed our chat. It's amazing a as great as you music. Your music is outstanding. Thank you very contrary to say so. Blessed thank you very much. It's been wonderful to talk to you and thank you very much for your support. It means a hell of a lot. Both to me and to other is ceo. Playing have a great evening. You to take care. That's iraq they kyaw for tuning in to the buzzer podcast. And thank you all the artists on today's show. The show wouldn't happen without your second episode from mondays. 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