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Felt you know f threatened and demoralized by james the more well a fortune related twitter account posted screen shots of four teen twitter profiles of google employees there were engineers there is sooner pichai there was even the new head of diversity at the company in all of these accounts the vp of diversity of the company and it was basically saying you know target these people here all the people and according to the verge every google every gubler who was on this list was either a woman a trends man or a man of color and people have gone after these individuals again including daniel brown the vp of diversity you had to lock her twitter account and lo and behold but these eight screen shots of course ended up on milo you yale using eu loan indianapolis thing in a facebook page so yeah the outright is now attacking these individuals who were going to be part of this all hands meeting and google since cancelled the town hall meeting by request of these employees so we talked about uh we haven't had a chance to talk about on the show what we've we've talked about the memo across the internet but we can i wanted to bring up this more recent thing where now we have a situation where google is being silenced internally and brie you had a very very very good twitter thread earlier today that i love for you to talk about on the show of you could kind of about how the all rights uses these opportunities to flip the script and change the conversation to further their views gather i mean well first reischl and say this is game or agape all over again it is and what's really.

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