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This is GonNa Find Link. On the final with us today once again on the program Brandon Jones Kansas winner that's gotta sound pretty good. Welcome to the show. Yeah Man. Absolutely. It was about good good. A couple of weeks that all weekend I'm I'm. Coming into a road American man, it's GonNa be. A. Pretty. Pretty far weekend with the mortgage coming up. Absolutely get back to your win at Kansas Let's talk about that. Restart that landed. You the win as candidate. I think you were like four rows back on that restart. Man I would have never guessed. You know re-started seven like that that I would have had a shot but I didn't get a yeah great restart a great launch tires a little bit. I been struggling all day trying to get just a little bit of Griffin, the tire to take off But when I got determined one man I I. Used up as much as I could trying to regain some momentum. and some guys you know tried up the center of the corner which was basically opened the door up to to get hurt you know come off at turn to and Once the once their twenty to thirty nine, we're kind of side by side Then it was game over for them. So that was just a great great way to end the race i. think we just kind of allies. Used up everything that that we could there. Watching, the replay again, the TV announcers didn't give you the time of day until you were already, they're like on his quarter panel. I went back and am watching my health and it was it was kinda funny because it was like you know I came out of nowhere you know where the the nineteen even come from and You know it was it was interesting because I was watching couple of cars got bogged up on bottled up and when I'm watching the broadcast and our third and they and they were saying, you know maybe twenty to thirty nine where we're going to beat the odds to capitalize and win on it right? And it just seemed like You know there's there's so much shock, but I got the lead. So very very you know fun and cool and a good way to you know in the race with that with that watch check and restore they always produce really get finishes. Now that said is victory lane a little bit different for you guys these days without the massive amounts of media and fans around and that kind of thing that is very different. You know I'm such a big teen guy have by my team guys in there with me and you know with everything going on it You know unable to get them in victory lane with us all so yeah that that Kinda hurts a little bit but today we still get back to the shop and we all can get away from from the track and celebrate a little bit there. So that's the only difference you know and you get out there's no crazy screaming going on in the stands or anything so. Whenever whenever you win and I think the difference that I've noticed without the fans you know we have red flag things that. Have we gotta come to a stop you know typically that the. Defense. Could swarmed with what people and you can hear people yelling and all kinds of stuff and Now that what mayor that all that goes away whatever it is a little different it's it's almost like like an insurance TV commercial you out and you're cheering and screaming, and you're the only one there. Yeah exactly. It's it's weird stuff. Are you got two wins onto your belt for the season You've got to feel pretty confident Obviously, you've got a playoff berth already. So take a little more risks throughout the rest of the season on this. Definitely how with what that Yeah we we had a string of of some races like four in a row that just continued to the not go away and So that was good to see us finally get some stiffness me back in our car gets them. Hug Back on our side even and still show that we're able to compete for the wins and so yeah, we're we're we're staying right now I think we can. We can still do a couple of things that we have to do put ourselves in position to strictly on the race playoff points are going to be so big right now to know a lot of cars or in some boy off point. So we definitely need to to work on making sure we give many of those as we can because we get to you know to the first round here we're not much. Lincoln get. Yeah. You've been on our radar to to to book you on the show for a while now, and then you had that string a bad luck I'm like, Oh, maybe not this week not this week. Oh, he won at Kansas Perfect. That that's definitely joy of one of these races. That opened the core up to on a bunch of shows they get out there a little bit absolutely. So in your view who are the guys to beat, it looks like Austin Syndrich is a at least in recent weeks, and of course, chase briscoe with all those winds I'm I'm GonNa say Tastes Briscoe is going to be hard he's a contender for sure this. Year and band, Senator Syndrich stats and speed to like you said he's he's been thrive place the rights I'm here lately it seems like he's really starting to you know you know be methodical in the racist and God take getting air so I mean there there's some there's some serious competitors even hear some burden and our campus been shown she. You know a couple of wins they're competing for for Wednesday still. So we've got a lot of competition, but I think that we're definitely going to be final four at the end of the year. Everything goes right? Absolutely absolutely now, xfinity series. So Fun to watch this season. You mentioned all those guys It's it's really cool to see you guys battling out each and every week off weekend would would you do to keep busy man my weakest filling up? I've got. I've got some meetings this week you know after after every race, we have competition meeting at the shops or over zoom and just depends just depends on which company, and so I've got the meetings this week and and you know talking about how we can get a little bit better even. So going forward I got the truck when tomorrow with. After the truck races and Kansas as well..

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