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Be Steven kampfer. And he is not a left hand shot. He is a right hand shot. So that says to me that if they're thinking of seventy. That they're going to put camphor in and they're going to put him, one of the kids, which is a huge situation that they're gonna think of putting in one of their two young, the who's electing shot. And as a result, they're gonna dress camp for two. So I think it could be fascinating. Because if they do decide to do that who's coming out while that the question which forward then Elliott comes at a lineup. The thing is normally think it would be someone on the fourth line, but their fourth lines been really good. It's been their best able as line like Chari and Keraly and, and Nordstrom. They've been their best line four on for you. I was wondering, if maybe back as you probably need them against this team, you would think so. But that I mean he's been in and out of the lineup before. And now the lineup of the regular season in the lineup and playoff that might be the obvious choice. The fact the cast the answered that question that way today says to me. They're legitimately, considering all I gotta tell you like chara just watching him sit on the bench last night like you can tell what happened like they said, you're dying, he's like put on shield. I'm going out there sit now hitting out there with that pain in your face on the bench. But, you know, you can see it from, like our booth are set in single-use is above the end of the blues defend for the first and third periods. So Boston's banks is on the far side. But we could see it like the guys were going to the bench, and he was patting them and try to encourage them like what a leader that guy is now I think it's overload on, like someone was telling me today that they had some issues with lows on this year, and it was less likely that he would be the guy but vaca, he's, he's been practicing with them and they brought him to say. Louis. So it's pretty interesting. Saint Louis blues point of view you also last night. Things seemed to really quick, and that was a real good game by rhino Riley. Now. Do you agree with me that I thought Pedder Angela was better? I thought Pedder Angelo was I was standing, and he played a million minutes. But every time the Reiner Riley was on the ice. Something was happening twice resulting in girls. Yeah. You know, like that's like, arguing, you know, which is, is better. It's ice cream. It's all good. But. I wanted to give Pedder Angelo credit because not only play just under thirty minutes in and create a couple of goals. But the one thing I noticed was I saw him play with at least three different partners. Okay. So you it, you didn't really job pointing out last night on hockey night, and you showed them in different situations that either done or Edmund centers well understood in the third. So what happened was done came back and they really like his offense. And I thought he was really good. But you'll notice on the opening goal. So the first goal is scored after a face off in the offense zone thirty one seconds end of the game. So they have an ozone draw and Baru. Basins out Pedder Angelo and done and a couple of minutes there, they have a diesel draw, and they send out header Angelo Edmonson later in the game. I saw pederasts low playing with gunners so basically, depending on the situation. In location? They were determining who he was playing with, like,.

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