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And clouds tomorrow mid 60s near 70 with sunshine Wednesday, mid 70s, Thursday, and we get into the 80s, Friday, and this week, and even close to 90 in some of our suburban foothill communities. Speaking of the foothills, some thunderstorms could fire up this afternoon will continue to watch for that. 63 now in downtown Seattle. News radio 1000 FM 97 7, your information station sponsored by fast water here. Thanks for joining us, our editor Bill O'Neill. I'm Rick van seiss, age is on the mind of voters before the 2024 presidential elections, ABC's Mark remould and reclined dig into a new ABC Washington Post poll. When it comes to mental acuity, when it comes to physical ability, via 20 point margin, people feel that president former president Trump is more mentally sharp or mentally sharp enough to be president over Biden. Skepticism extends to the physical health. And just overall, 68% of people think that Biden is too old for another term, only 44% say the same about Donald Trump. So age is going to be an issue regardless of who the matchup is, whether it's Biden against Trump or Biden against someone else. But it's not like you just take it off the table if it is Biden and Trump, the reality is people view them differently. How much should we read the tea leaves on polls like this? One, albeit important consideration facing these two candidates, but it's one consideration in a larger picture of who these two candidates are. We're also 18 months out from the election itself, assuming both of these people become their party's nominee. But what should we take away from this? Yeah, look, the biggest point is that we're a year and a half out. And it's important not to over read hypothetical match ups. But they do tell you trends. And they do tell you developing storylines and campaigns read them for those reasons, even if they'll be skeptical as the Biden team is about these results. They're saying that this poll is baby as soon as Washington Post poll is an outlier that the approval rating that we're seeing for President Biden is somewhat lower than other polls. That all may be true, but it doesn't mean that there aren't real warning signs about Joe Biden and the concerns around him, as well as the support that he has among coalitions. I mean, he won independence going away. He trails them in this poll. Latino voters, black voters, we're seeing real softeners, young voters, real softening in the support that he has among some of the core democratic groups. The groups frankly, the Democrats don't win without. And it may be that people are just voicing their frustration right now, but these are true issues that the Biden campaign and Democrats need to start addressing. And you mentioned Biden's approval numbers there. This poll looked at that downward trend for the president. No? Yeah, look, we have a very low compared to other polls. 36%, which is a career low rather. I should know that other polls have him in somewhere in the low 40s. None of them are good, but the trendline here is very bad, particularly going into a couple of weeks that could be quite tense around debt ceiling negotiations and other showdowns with Congress, legal scrutiny that surrounding his son, as well as former president Trump, of course. He doesn't start at the strong base of support. He hasn't for a while, just a few months into office back in 2021. You saw the lines crossed with approval and disapproval. He hasn't been able to turn that around. And a week or so, two weeks into the Biden campaign. This is not a position of strength, the Vis-à-vis what most first term presidents look like. People's honeymoons end, but usually by this point in successful reelection bids, you see the president begin to write the ship. We just haven't seen that in the numbers just yet. Yeah. When we talk about Biden, we see these low approval numbers. We see challenges that are facing the administration from inflation to debt ceiling and things like that. The questions about his mental acuity. Does this open the door at all going forward for a potential democratic challenger to step up? We know that there are some, but no major candidates have thrown their hat in the ring. Yeah, look, the door is open. No one's walking through it of significance. Other than RFK junior and Marianne Williamson, neither home have shown so far that they put together a credible national campaign. We're not seeing major Democrats step up. I think most Democrats, even if so many Republicans who are hesitant to take on Trump, view the history of taking on an incumbent president as almost never successful. And always almost always something that they pay a political price on. And again, that's as the latest polling that we hear from ABC News political director Rick Klein and Mark remould. Northwest

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