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Three hours because I'm a clone I'd listen everyday for twenty years huge fan of the G. T. P. so I give out the phone number for reason and I'm going to put aside a sizzling hot take about the proposed in season tournament that could be coming to the NBA to get interactive what's a low to David in buffalo Hey David you're in the jungle Bryan Webber what's going on eight Ryan America Richmond you out thanks for having me on your bills and got a really good season I love the way it is even victims rocket our defense played Austin this year I feel like Josh jail and is making that next yeah you know he looks like a guy that could really be a franchise quarterback years ago might think they've got a weapon in the off season your to really go up again heavy weight there the the Baltimore's began to cities but it but I think the team you know as shown this year they can play with just about anybody I think John McDermott is one of the best coaches out there you don't have the normal job and I think branded being away he's drafted the free agent movies made even such a good spot they got a lot of dour yeah they've gone ward I think the future's so bright the disorganization I think this deep you wanna Super Bowl in the next few years not maybe not this year but I love the way they're set up just because they've got all the pieces the plate then dot their stability there thank you Dave appreciate the phone call an actual sports take which is novel in twenty nineteen made a lot of good points if you're talking about the coaching staff you also should focus as you know on Leslie Frazier who's done all outstanding job as a defensive coordinator former head coach Minnesota should get real interviews not just courtesy interviews when we get to the hiring season my issue with buffalo in the short term is how far are you gonna go with Josh Alan under center now I realize we saw it time and time again in recent weeks especially against the patriots with that bomb John Brown he's got an arm that he could throw a football over mountain like uncle Rico he's just not accurate enough completion percentage around fifty percent that game against the patriots as I bury you now with numbers good news was he didn't turn it over when I told me a lot against a tremendous patriot defense but slowly the franchise moving in the right direction and the good news is finally they have some stability remember they had not made the playoffs since nineteen ninety nine party going a few years ago and that horrendous playoff game in Jacksonville you have a quarterback who is a foundation now I'm not as sold on I want to some other people are I need to see more proven also he's gotta make some better decisions with when he decides to run because he's a big dude but he's running as much as the more Jackson in the red zone he's going to get blown up some time but if you're a bills fan I know this program has a huge connection to bill mafia bills mafia on the buffalo crowd a lot to believe in even if you're gonna be one and done as a wild card in the post season we are rolling through calls today because it is the most wonderful time of the year on Christmas Eve here is Johnny in Texas a Johnny you're in the jungle what's going on what's going on Brian merry Christmas to you and your family thanks very much Hey listen in all sincerity you are one of my favorites so some that I don't care for it all but when I hear you and I hear that guide Sacramento I'm I'm all about it so I hope that get there yes listen to you again before the holidays are all over with Hey listen this urban Meyer thing is really intriguing because I'm a Dallas Cowboys hall can always have been always will be this year to say it's been a disappointment is an understatement you know I was at the rams game and I don't even know what I saw last Sunday you just don't know it it was absolutely at the Bakul and it's it's just so frustrating to think about the years when I was coming up and we won those championships you know it in to see the talent that we have now it's just absolutely horrible but let's face it whether it's urban or link and whoever we sub out for your for your Jason it is long is that man is still alive and I'm talking about the owners the general manager I don't think anything changes frankly I'm I'm disappointed I just want to say that Hey I want to add this in here Adam hog and that we give him all kinds of grief you know for being Adam hawk over the thanksgiving holiday he reached out to me on Twitter and wished me and my family happy thanksgiving and and I I thought that was pretty awesome if I could ever get a follow from Mr high testosterone little out of the I would be really spell your **** all other he's very active the Johnny you know that what's that Alvy is very selective but it could be a Christmas miracle we appreciate the phone call thank you for the kind words you're right I give that a mock a hard time because we're friends off the air sh it's going to destroy the bet but the audience is always changing you will not remember I said that when I berate him coming up in next hour the program these are not the droids you're looking for Johnny preacher the phone call and you said exactly what I was going to point out when you think about the cowboys it all hinges on the owner and he's not going anywhere so you blow out chasing garance time for change bring him Ron Rivera and Norv Turner okay what's gonna change maybe some situational play calling at least they might run the football a little bit on like what happened on Sunday let's squeeze in red in Long Beach a red you're a veteran I know your stick you got to do it in thirty seconds wherever you know since the meeting you know when you find whatever you are warning so in the box and I just wanted to let you know that you get some beach and that's why the radio station is no longer on the air because we took a lot of calls that they went out of business several years ago I had a lot of time sitting in my studio apartment to another California I think what went wrong because we took read every day all rights that was a novel experiment what's coming up in our number two I have deep penetrating thoughts on this and be a tournament idea plus the games coming up tomorrow to the clippers care at all about the regular season based on load management it appears they do not but the NFL is K..

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