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Twenty two six twenty. Five and then on the fed, corners in around twenty five minutes. Or so Fayette, corners you've got roughly till six forty five Fisher Ville just to the. South here Fisher villas right on the edge of it in Germantown as well Cordova you. Are still just skirting the edge of this you run. Into, it if you take making north making, you're gonna run into. The rain Germantown right now let's give you a idea of how far away it is from you I mean to two miles two minutes Germantown get ready call your Ville you are going to see, this and about the next twelve minutes and it's going to be on his. Shelby driving, about, two minutes. As well so Germantown. Nicole you're Ville let's show you game we're looking at here, that leading edge will be in Germantown the heaviest. Rain in about two to three minutes I took my air a little further there and then that leading. Edge in carterville ten to thirteen minutes so, you can see as this is, progressing we, are looking at three minutes ten minutes fifteen minutes until we get to the Germantown carterville and then on into rossville just a little further south olive branch is on. The very edge of this right now it's. On get well road exiting south haven our. Friends in the OB get ready there you see the bottom section. Of this about four to five minutes so you've got the bottom part of this tale about. To cross over its on get well now it'll be an olive branch and about the next four to five minutes and then onto handy. Corner after that. In about ten minutes so, handy corner. You've got until around. Six twenty five I like the trend I'm Seeing, so far. Which is as it. Interest We are. Taking some facts are teen weather, coverage here our news partner with FOX thirteen and we have, gotten very dark skies here over the studio a. Lot of rain coming down and lightning activity, so we're going. To take a quick break. Come right back get right back into this it is the Ben Ferguson show. Six hundred w r. and ninety. Two point one FM want more coming up this report brought to you by wolf chased Toyota Memphis number.

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