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In vegas calling us about the current trial of some of the supporters from the bundy ranch she may remember the standoff that went on down there for i don't know how was it weeks john i don't remember exactly how long that thing was going down for their with their wounds area where there were some people in iran in in comically with it'd be all of are tired on one day and actually like a forty minute period of one day uh this time we're going to let go the cattle and quiet and bindi old protesters there okay good the cattle so a confrontation between maybe a hundred people maybe a bit more and and be and no shots fyre cay the police were pointing guns at the protesters and there were snipers are ringing the area dean pointing at the pointing rifles at the uh sure it's it's interesting that government agents pointing rice rifles that citizens totally legal are doing nothing is not just legal but sort of annex acceptable and not even really considered in any way people don't people don't get upset they don't get up in arms about this sort of thing this guy was in arms he had a gun and he was doing on a few people but there are people like i'm talking about the the national audience when you with this monday ranch situation was going down with the with what you heard on the news which you heard from everybody's seemed to be the sort of fervor for let's get these revolutionaries before they do something terrible but i mean you know they had some gums there is no doubt about it but at this point all we have the proof is that one gun was pointed by one of the people that was on this ranch but we know that the government was pointing guns all over the place and nobody talks about that right and what you are telling us was the sky eric parka or was the man who is pointing a gun through a couple of what concrete barriers it looks like and pointing at a sensibly assets in the direction of federal agents the you said that during his trial which you were there to watch the judge wasn't even allowing him to express to the jury y he.

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