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I don't get too crazy about the quarterbacks you guys know. I have no issue drafting quarterbacks late. I'm not there early quarterback kind of guy. It's not my thing. I understand if it is your thing. That's fine i'd rather find value elsewhere. It's too volatile for me. The guy who's the best quarterback last year could be the fifth. Sixth seventh eighth best next season is just not my thing. So i do tend to draft quarterbacks late malate quarterback kinda guy And so you know in those leagues. Don't you're not ever gonna care about marcus. Mariota or joe flacco. Because you're never have to use them. The league's not deep enough in terms of quarterbacks. Ever have to worry about it you know. Even the starters were to get hurt. You probably still wouldn't need these guys. Is that kind of situation in those leagues but in super flex it's a different ball game and in those leagues super flexi marcus mariota and joe flacco should be on rosters no question. They deserve to be drafted. If there if you're gonna start a draft or superplex someone's rostrum these guys. You can go. Choir them for the cheap because their backups to everybody But as he reflects you know it's gonna be a little more difficult just because of the fact that that team who who's roster and now knows that. Hey if their cards injured or jalen hurts gets injured. These guys are the ones that are going to step in. I'm you know. I'm more excited. Marcus mariota rather than joe flacco. Joe flacco fan. Even if jalen hurts was to get hurt. I really wouldn't joe flacco. I'd hope that haven't better option but margaritas more exciting to me. Because when derek carr got injured and marietta played that game he looked good. He'll good was he perfect. No they look good. He brought totally different. You know Ability to the offense and totally different attack to the offense. And i liked it. So i'm not going to ignore either. One of these is a marcus. Mariota focuses if you're in a superplex league if you're not gonna worry about it This is for superfly answers but outside of injury neither one of these guys see the field so this is nothing where you're going to hear you. I'm gonna throw a starter to get mariota. Nah so that kind of game mariota's qbr like the other thing about dicey you thinking about what these guys donald flacco but again mariota. He's a free agent xidan. Which indac- leagues. I wouldn't ignore it. I really emotional crazy. But i don't think mariota's back quarterback i think he gets another chance i do. I think he could have got another chance this season. If the if he was staying with the raiders like he's better than any dalton. I think he is. I believe he is. And i believe team. If they're going to sign any daltons that some of these other guys that against sign they would start. Amac marcus mariota. He would fight his way to the job. Trust me trust me. So if you're he's not a bag out of have even outside of the backup quarterback thing freezing neck sees is not going to be behind car for long so he's not but he's not a bad move bad not a bad strategy. You could do worse than your team if you do worse things. Are you the other things you could be doing. That are way worse and this is just to stay active in the off season team. Fresh keep moving pieces around these these account places you look you. Look for my davis. Is you look for the josh reynolds. You look for the marcus mariota. Those are the moves that are easy to make know in the offseason while people were sleeping behind the wheel or people aren't excited about them because they're thinking about the players that are coming into the draft the rookies or they're thinking about the free agent. You know stud star signs a word yet. A follow on social media. Clock dodgers twitter instagram. Subscribe to the podcast. Scribes always be kind be great.

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