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And Patrick creek The second What would you talking about? The Mets One San y'all's stepped. Down and it became the three headed All right this tree. Tells you everything you need to know about who's in power The guy who's in power, is. It any of the three it's Jeff wilpon. Jeff wilpon is calling. The shots Jeff wilpon is dumping. Money surprise. Because you don't you're not happened before see purge of two thousand ten The other reason why. It's Jeff wilpon is. Because we know the wilpon love We know the wilpon love Omar for his international scouting What was the one thing of value, they got that. Trade a million dollars in international bowl bonus pool money That would. Not be for anybody else at the? Front office except he's the guy that team trusts within, a national scouting All more, is going to be. The baby jam at Jeff wilpon call the shots and don't be surprised if John Ricco was good baseball guy office price, if he's out of the organization at the on the air That is everything the Mets are telling, you is that the. Actual baseball guys aren't the ones who have say right now Okay. Jeff wilpon who earned his money the old fashioned way he inherited it is the guy who's in charge That's a really bad thing for the Mets Who has you said twenty eighth minor league system got to thirty teams tells you everything you need to know and they just sold their closer who was realistically the best closer. On the market for a bag of beans.

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