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We need to roll back. The state we sti- on all of our own citizens prisoners flooded with non violent drug offenders. You wanna know who. America's nast enemy is look. We were funding right now. Every single one of problems are vulcan government. Way to your what's up everybody. Welcome to a brand new episode of part of the problem. A bonus episode or a makeup episode is maybe more accurate because i missed a few episodes When i was out at a freedom fest and So i'm recording couple extra once this week for all you good people get some extra content This week and it's been a while. Since i've had my favorite person to talk to on the show so i figured why not have the great scott horton author of enough already. Author of fools aaron The the the editor at the most important project in the world which has antiwar dot com and one of the founders of the libertarian institute. The great scott. Horton how you doing brother. I'm doing great. How are you doing very good very good. Happy to talk to you as always. I have a show this show and under three thousand five hundred something interviews for you to scott horton dot org along list of things it it is but if you really want to understand What's going on in foreign policy. The scott horton show is where you gotta go. And i know i say this a lot but this is really true. I've heard this from so many people where they go man. I was just so intimidated to jump into the scott. Horton show because like. I don't know who all the players are and i don't know all the conflicts are and they're like analysis like four five six episodes like okay. I think i'm getting it. I think i'm starting to follow it. And then like ten episodes in and you're like i i got it all mapped you know what i mean. I remember you said to me. One time we were almost i. Don't we were arguing. But we were saying like i was like you know. I don't know maybe some people just can't keep all of this stuff together in their heads and you use the example of me of when you listeners. Uh sports radio and people call in and they know every ball and strike that's ever been thrown in the history of the dodgers you know and you're like oh yeah. No people actually can keep a lot of stuff in their head. It just seems daunting at first. But once you dive into it you end up figuring all this stuff out well look. I've been around the block a few times. Dave and I come to find out that everybody is really smart about something and got to give him credit. So sta although you know. It's a little bothersome. That foreign is sort of like a weird niche. Kinda thing that only some people are interested in because some that were all at least a little bit responsible for in a way you know Not like it's our fault really but should still kind try to take responsibility to do something about it but to a lot of people. It's just all so far away and even long ago they don't even know that it's wartime right now. I think it is peace time right now And so there's a incongruity there. You know what i mean. We're like people really excited about this stuff when it's getting started. Yeah right but anyway. Well i guess there's maybe i'm being too kind to the average person here but there's almost something where like what if we weren't in a world empire that's kind of the correct attitude to have like right. What's what's going on in the border skirmish between syria and iraq. I don't care what the hell does that have to do with me. Like why would. I even really care. If there was like a dispute between arizona and texas. I don't know like it just really has nothing to do with me or my life. I kind of understand that impulse but it's a little bit different when you know you're elected representatives are like starting the people there as you're right there's a little bit more of an onus but yeah no like you really onto something there. It's suppose to feel strange at the us as the world empire. That's the job of the evil monarchs of the old world. This is where our ancestors came to be free of that and now here we are making the same mistakes. And if you call and you know the the last time we we Did a podcast It's a it's hard to keep track because me and you talk so much but last time we talked on my show we were. We did the episode in pittsburgh on the israeli palestinian conflict. And one of the things that you said that i thought was so true. Was your like look. It's like to the average person if they just consume anything from the corporate press will in. You already know what the story is in. The story is simply that israel just wants to be free and live their lives. And then these damn palestinians keep launching these missiles at them. And so what would you do. I mean don't they have a right to defend themselves and that's the store and it's and if that was the story and that was the entirety of the story. Then of course like yeah. What what else can you say. There's a so in the same sense with mean the corporate press will barely tell you that were at war with syria or that. We're at war with in yemen with you know on the saudi side of the yemen conflict. These don't even come up like so it almost i feel like the initial impulse understandably so is like when you'll be like you know we're conducting a war of genocide and yemen and be like i would have heard about that like someone would have mentioned something about and that's why what we're all doing these alternative media type shows or whatever i think are worthy venture because like someone's gotta start telling people like no. This is actually what's going on and it's like about a thousand times more important than anything. That'll be in the cnn. Rundown today right absolutely hey look if you check out the antiwar dot com blog.

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