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Thanks for listening t- you must remember this. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina Longworth. That's me. Our editor is a Livia NAT. Our research and production assistant is Lindsay d Schoenholtz. Our social media assistance is Brendan Waylon, and our logo was designed by teddy blanks, special fakes to our special guest. Noah seeking who returned to the podcast to play Howard Hughes for more information about this episode and other episodes, please go to our website. You must remember this podcast dot com. Very fine. Show notes for every episode with lists of all of our sources and the music used on each episode. And if you go to, you must remember this podcast dot com. Slash said duck Shen. You'll find information about how to preorder the book that this season is related to seduction. Sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood written by me. We also have a schedule of events that I'll be doing related to the book which include book, signings, film screenings and more. If you like the show, please tell anyone you can any way that you can. You can follow us on Twitter at remember this pod and where on Facebook and Instagram to we'll be back next week with another tale from the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's. First century join us then won't you good night. House. The story of chums. Expanse. Came to robbing.

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