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People and Republicans had the advantage of capital and now what you're saying is what the Republicans notes like capital on steroids saying it's the money on steroids. Republicans always had had more money than Democrats would not that much more money. And we were able to Obama's first Democrat to actually make it up by being able to raise money five ten dollars from people time and again thrown election cycle that we had that for one election two thousand and eight a year a year after Obama takes office we campaign finance. Laws are fundamentally changed in the most devastating way possible and Republican. Now you can buy an election and Democrats. Frankly do not have enough people who are a willing in be able to invest the level of the Republican catch up so again if you paint a very dire picture in this in this book if you're a Democrat or if you're a person who generally is interested in what set of Democrats care about progressive soon of issues so so so let's talk about that like what's the answer here I mean. He makes a provocative suggestions in the book. I mean one of the things you talk about. Is You say that the consultants have too much power in the party. I'm sure that's not going to make some of your friends happen today. And I've heard from some of you say Boycott Fox. That's interesting how come well I think we. There has been this debate the Democratic Party about do we. How do we reach Fox viewers right which is really a proxy for conversation about? How do we reach some number of Republican voters who may be open to being persuaded to come to our side and I feel like the debate around how to reach Fox viewers is wrapped around the axle of his idea about whether we should go on Fox and I think we have to understand? This is from experience with someone who is at the brunt force end of the Fox situation for six years in the White House is Fox's and Oregon of the Republican Party that was definitely when Obama was president. It's even more true now. That many of their hosts are actual policy advisors to the President. And now picking the people who get pardons so. I think Democrats should not be supporting Fox and when we go on Fox and we Democrats do at townhall on Fox like a lot of our presidential candidate. This time we are buying into. The false premise at Fox is journalism during the day in opinion at night. And if you if you read any books about Roger ailes about what's going on in Fox it is very clear that the quote unquote journalists was away to feed the propaganda. In the first people who brought to the national forefront the false conspiracy theory that brock was educated. Image Rossa was Fox France. Which is their morning. Show which airs at the same time as the today show. Gm A CBS AD. That is not Sean Hannity. You're Glenn Beck. That is what people turn on the news and it is pumping that's offended so we should candidates like eight o'clock. Say Look just stop it. I think it's I understand from their own individual campaign perspectives. Why they did it. Because they're not really communicating with Fox viewers Democratic primary. What they're doing is they're showing Democratic voters that they can go on Fox and do a job in all of those candidates at Bernie Sanders. Who Sort of where this this trend? He crushed his performance. He got the audience cheering for Medicare for all of those. How many are willing to transition? To what the senator says government run system because I think Bret Baier host almost exploded sitting there is a democrat. I enjoyed watching that but ultimately Fox was able to go to the advertisers and say see. We're not white supremacist. Opinion Shows Bernie. Sanders comes on. I think the we're helping create funding streams for what I think is a pretty dangerous set of propaganda coming for our you say Reform the courts which of course critics call packing the court. Why because I like. I think that there are two elements of this. I I think the Democrats have power in the Senate in the White House in the house. We should add to Supreme Court justices. Because Right now Mitch. Mcconnell has already packed the courts the voters gave that Supreme Court appointment tobacco Baba he held it and it didn't matter that it was the year of the election of two years before the election wanted on the same thing if a Democrat is elected in twenty twenty and a Supreme Court dresses decides to retire on the way. Home from the inauguration. In Control the Senate Mitch. Mcconnell hold I see for four years and we treat it as if it's this revolutionary thing change number of Supreme Court justices. It has happened six or so times in American history. We did it once several times. Twenty year period. We even once changed the number Surpreme Court justices because Andrew Johnson who was present had been impeached in the and the Congress did not think that this impeach president who should have been removed but wasn't should be able to add justices before he leaves. And so we've done it in response to a political crisis which is exactly where we're living in right now and we do everything else. In my book we change voting laws. We fix the DNC. We fix it. Cardi were winning elections. We give her the filibuster in the Senate. We do all of those things that we don't address the court. There is going to be this conservative veto on progressive policies that lives decades past Donald Trump. The statistic that keeps me up at night is that Brad Kavanagh put on the Corporate Donald Trump last year. Who is the one who really tipped the balance in the strongest way particularly on issues of reproductive rights Brad Kavanagh when he is the same age that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is today? My daughter will be thirty two. She turns two in May so. Just think about that. We have this. President who got three million. Fewer votes was impeached. Tried to interfere twenty election and he is going to have this stamp on our policy that will last three decades after he has gone. Whatever your other provocative proposals which has actually gotten a lot. More attention during this campaign is abolish the Electoral College. I don't think we need to sort of get into the weeds of that. But you can already see. The ads are already being run about this on the other side. So so the question really comes as you. You've laid down a long list of ways in which you say that that these are structural advantages that have been enhanced in recent years in order to advantage one political party over the other and it also has the additional factor of advantage. Frankly white people people of color who are kind of growing number. How do you make these arguments without kind of? I don't know what's the right word like pressing on the sore. That has already stimulated a lot of this feeling to begin with I mean this. This sense of racial grievance as you put it the sense of white people are being disappeared. I mean it seems that in most of these proposals that you make those are exactly the kinds of things that stimulate that kind of like. Oh I think we voted off the island. I think Democrats are often too reticent generally about things that could be perceived by anyone is increasing our political power. We all agree. Dc should be a state that is the most is the moral thing to do would makes zero sense that it is not a state yet. We have not tried to do it. And that's because we were afraid we're going to get criticized for it. I think the reason I lay these things out. I Want Democrats it without them. Part of it is. We should not reverse engineer our position what we think could offend a hypothetical wight trump voter in Wisconsin. Like that. When we do that we are playing not to lose. We have to go out. Make the full throated argument to every voter in the wrong way. That every voter every American. Because you could change the politics of all of these issues if you got the forty percent of Americans who don't vote to vote and so in the way in which we do this by raising the stakes in trying to invite them into our political process and be the ones who are advocating changing our political process to bring them into it and and you have to explain what why why. Republicans don't want them to vote. What like what policies they want to keep in place. What POWER DO THEY WANNA hold on? And what changes you would make if you had that power and so. I think we have to make a full throated argument. Some of the some of the ideas I didn't hear can be done in two seconds in the united if we have power and then we just have fifty votes in the Senate and the White House. Some of them are. GonNa take a long time but the reason I want people to make the arguments for them now is we want to. I really think Democrats need to be the Democracy Party. We need to the ones who are fighting for the majority of Americans. Against this minority that is funded by billionaires and Wall Street who are holding political power for themselves. And we have to take that on if we do that. I think that is both the right thing to do in a winning political arguments. So let's talk about twenty two twenty because I said on the one hand. This book has a very dire message. I mean you say that really democratic norms in your view are at stake here on the other hand. Recent successes from a democratic perspective in two thousand eighteen. How do you see twenty twenty? I think we should go into it. Fully aware that trump has a lot of advantages. He did not have in two thousand sixteen incumbency income and income. It's usually when he can't he won without the backing of the Republican money machine. Last time he's going to have every dollar he needs and more he's still does he has already right. And and the coke brothers and all these other groups are going to spend money to protect the Republican agenda and he has a structural electoral college advantage. Having said all of those things. This is an incredibly winnable election. It is going to come down to a couple hundred thousand votes in three or four States Michigan Pennsylvania. Wisconsin mayors and Democrat. So we have to win three of those four if they do they win so it is there for the taking. We have to United Party or candidate our nominee has to run a very smart campaign. That communicates a strong message. We have to work our tails off. We do those things we can win this race and I am worried that it's been a rough couple of weeks for Democrats are primary feels messy. We couldn't count votes in Iowa. Trump gets acquitted and it just feels dark. You guys you see in the polls where fewer and fewer Democrats think. We're GONNA win and we should know it's going to be hard and it's be close but we have to know that we absolutely can win. People thinking we can win. They may not do the work now to ensure we can Dan pfeiffer. Thanks so much for talking. This is such interesting conversation thinking and finally we pay tribute to the outside achievements of Katherine Johnson. The woman who helped but American men on the moon you'll remember. She was a member of the Group of women that inspired the Oscar nominated film hidden figures as a black woman. Mathematician at NASA in the Nineteen Fifties Johnson was a trailblazer who broke barriers and yet never received recognition until the film's release in twenty seven. Johnson calculated the trajectory for our shepard. The first American astronaut travel in space and President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of freedom in two thousand fifteen NASA announced today that she has died aged one hundred one. And that's it though. 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