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J. gray Jodie Mac always good to be with you my pleasure how are things up there in the great northwest these days well we're still a pretty well used to quarantine even though the numbers are down effect what I noticed yesterday they had eight thousand tasks and there is like a three hundred and fifty three positives so that's good but at this stage looks like they're gonna stay stay home or at least through the month of may they may open up something here in two weeks but at the moment it's pretty much the same but fortunately did a good job of flattening the curve in getting through it a little bit faster than most even though we were the first to have it out here right I think trending in the right direction and yes you guys got it started but it does it's good news to hear that things are going in the right direction up there in Seattle now for years I would see you at the NFL draft you did many a draft for ESPN I tell you New York for like years when I was doing radio shows as well so you are the radio side re S. P. N. on draft day you were closely tied to it for a long period of time would you think about this year's virtual NFL draft I can tell you it's so unusual as I did at about twenty drafts for ESPN dot TV and radio and so it's like it was so different and honestly this is the first time in four decades I actually did a draft from home because I live there at team site an NFL site or and or something like that or even go you know heading to the drop is like it was so different to do it this way but I thought it was a fantastic presentation I think it came off very smoothly and you can appreciate this too having been to so many grass with them having everything tied into the homes critically of the players and not coming up and shaking hands we didn't have that lag we have four and five choices already made and we have to hold off on who they were until Roger Goodell or Troy Vincent or whoever was going to announce that in at least by having it this way and I think what else to do for the future is that they'll probably bring in ten to twelve players will be first round picks you can have the handshakes then and then you have everybody else virtually locked in on a conference and so and I think that will work out better if you don't have that like we are missing the draft choices or waiting for the draft choices what do you think about the dell because all eyes were on him he was doing it from is home with his dad comfortable chair there and everything else and not only were people excited because it with yet NFL computation in actual action but everyone got to see Roger Goodell run the show like usually does but maybe even more so doing it from home what how do you think what you get out came off after the draft I think he came off really will help the only thing is as you know in the regular grass he only does one around and that's the first round and so now here he was doing two hundred and fifty five X. and you can see him thinking as the days were going on well firstly got all dressed up then of course I'll I'll came the sweater then I started to sit on his couch and then started to relax a little bit he started doing it takes on the couch so you can see doing the entire draft with a little bit taxing on them but again you know he was that one of the big ones to push to have the dress after you know coming and not and not moving it back and he was so wise in doing so so I thought he came off well certainly I thought that the players came off well it was so amusing just watching the other coaches the kids the general managers and the animals because weather is a cattle dogs everything else I mean I I was getting at least getting good grades to bill Belichick's dog for least getting some good picks in the third round he did well and look good on TV doing it and I agree with you back to Delhi came up it's just more of a regular guy he's the dean the data plan and power monger DFL and people take shots at him all the time I think he's pretty good at one of the most difficult jobs on the planet but he came off more as a regular guy so I thought it was a major win for him with their team in your mind it was a major win for right now which everyone needs to expect to do it when is included after the draft I hope most people understand this is quite tight tongue in cheek because nobody knows top five years down the road actually how draft play out but everybody wants your opinion on it what what what Jerry John Clayton opinion that someone did better than maybe most of the yeah you still have to start off at Miami because they started off the day with thirteen picks ended up with eleven so they get their quarterback into are you able to get a tackle and Brandon Jackson a slot cornerback with the three first round picks you can't go wrong when you have five picks in the first two rounds so I thought you have to give the edge to them but certainly you have to look at the Dallas Cowboys is going up a lucky but fantastic job because what the cowboys were able to do is get CD at the wide receiver position we are really going to help democracy the lamp kind of give them a little bit of a Dez Bryant type and you can see how the the the least adapted to him by giving him Michael Irvin's number eighty eight so that looks good and then you look at the rest of the draft you say wow how did this happen because get Trevor digs at cornerback in the second round they're able to get Belleville Gallimore a defensive Michael in the third round and they may have stumbled across a future starting setter in Tyler by a days and so I thought that they really had a good solid draft I give credit to the Chargers for moving up and getting Patrick Murray I think that helped them a lot you get Indianapolis the called the real good grade for coming back yeah they get Michael Michael Pittman at wide receiver the trade up for Jonathan Taylor and running back and then all the sudden falling in their lap could be the quarterback of the future in the fourth round match Jacob Eason yeah I'm not a Pitman guy but I still like to called strap around one two seven we're in agreement there John Clayton from ESPN seven ten in Seattle our guest here on CBS sports radio speaking of the draft classes in Haiti it takes time to actually find out who the winners and losers are I thought it was someone telling today that on the day where teams had to decide on fifth year options I'm Percheron draft pick from the two thousand seventeen class hamper the poorest ten top ten we're told yeah I know we'll catch play this as we go along that terrorized a lot of poor dear but picking up that fifty fifty option which passed on for two bits you went seven Solomon Thomas went third lender for Ned went forward Corey Davis when faith and John Ross who went nine bad draft or is this a sign of things changing in the NFL that they don't necessarily want to they don't want to make commitments to your dad if they don't have to they can always go down the franchise tag indoor transition tag route or they can move on from the player what do you read of half of the top ten for the two thousand ten seventeen class saying will decide later whether we keep you around for a fifth year yeah I I think what this is a sign of somebody or to see every five years because when you have a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen underclassmen applying to the draft each year some years you're gonna have a good classes up top and some years you're not and sometimes and I go back to the two thousand and thirteen graph and I remember talking to teams up there because there were so many pics that just did not work out with the with that Eric Fisher turned out to be okay he had looked so cool and then you start to go down the line and most of the time it's not a lot of those guys if they're still in the league they're making minimum salaries even though they were first round picks some years what happens is it's just not strong up top are you look at the two thousand seventeen draft it was great for running backs I mean you got Alvin Kamara Chris Carson running back in the seventh round I mean you were able to get chill mix in in there and so it was a good running back type of draft Christian McCaffrey was in that you know traffic what you find out is it in certain years it just as it doesn't fall right and so you're sitting there and you might trade up like Chicago you get Mitch Trubisky and then you turned out what I screwed up on that one because of the choices should have been the Shawn Watson or taking Patrick Mahomes and then you also look at the fact that if you look at the ones that failed and they were mostly on offense because really on defense Solomon Thomas that didn't work out Myles Garrett was you know obviously with the best pick probably in the entire draft Jamal Adams also certain years I think you get receivers you get some other choices on the opposite side of the ball and it just doesn't work out so sometimes you better not tank or you could end up with a year like that address like that for the five players who didn't get their option picked up on the opposite side of the ball good point by John Clayton quarterbacks drive the bus always do in the NFL or shortly after a very long period of time and that was the case on draft night and since including within the last twenty four hours the cowboys deciding to sign that the red rifle who was given his walking papers in Cincinnati we know we've come and don't want to go to be with ten feet they tried to trade him couldn't pull it off he gets his free agency and signed pretty quickly with the cowboys some people like Dez Bryant upset saying the cowboys it's growing dak Prescott now because it is you agree with that sentiment or was it the cowboys just getting themselves a good safety net if they could in case things went sideways to attack yeah it's just a case at a good price you're able to get a good quarterback to come in it really is kind of a no lose situation because clearly he's gonna be positioning himself to get a starting job and if he does next year then you know you're getting a third round compensatory pick as long as you don't spend whatever he gets in free agency next year so now I look at that as a real good choice but it was also telling from a couple standpoint because now here's Andy Dalton obviously you'd like to start obviously he was disappointed that the you know he was let go and not traded earlier or just let go so we can get so in the mix for a starting job but it was telling because this shores up to bill Belichick once cured Stidham to be the starting quarterback in New England it also is kind of telling down in Jacksonville because Jacksonville didn't really move on him and they had Jay Gruden whose offense of coordinator in Cincinnati back in two thousand eleven and they have Gardner Minshew is a quarterback is starting with them so I thought it was kind of telling but I think it was real smart of Dallas because now you get a good guy who's going to sit in the locker room very well no they actually get some kind of a deal that would back Prescott and then you just kind of set it up with Mike McCarthy to have them coached up and then get ready for the next move hi Todd night draft nights because it was both the first night and the second I could want first round pick one second round pick couple quarterback selections left me and here's the phrase I choose to use it's cracking and that was Jordan love to the Packers and Kaelin heard to the eagles for John Clayton which was more head scratching would you say both were or neither worried I'm over reacting now let's put this way that the Jordan loves trade up and selection had me scratching my head so much and again I scratched and more because they can't get a hair cut but I'm so it's almost crashed all my hair off goal was still bald for that kind of hear scratching that was there because it just doesn't make a lot of sense I get that I get you going to that draft the two positions you would say that the Packers did not need was quarterback and running back because they have the two errant's they have Aaron Rodgers they have Erin Jones so now what they do is that they come in they get Jordan log which gives the coaching staff now some leverage to change the offense probably against the will of Aaron Rodgers because now they get a big back he Dylan in the second round and I got a tight end H..

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