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Young people was meant to be teaching than the from me What one of the things at time of working in London is the teaches correze. Tended to progress quickly if not bit too quickly so. February. macos was managing a team managing a curriculum area. Come to grips with, with. Video already sinking around what what's relevant to young people young people who had. Leaked in a very different life to the life, I was having their age. in in every respect. That's why I say much more about what's relevant in their life. Didn't necessarily get all right I think the last. Few Years of month sixteen years teaching in London. Often Of. Might be in quite good attain. A moved into the rich -cation. At University in London and then moved to my current position for years ago at Kingston University and on the way when I stopped. Teaching in schools. My partner and I, we would At young kids Professionally, really interested in. The big conversation at a time, we're talking about the two, thousand, five, two, thousand, nine lots of compensation were coming through on movement competency and. What moved into. Physical Literacy. I was really interested in how children learn to move about transferable movement patterns. Still reasonably interested in that I think we. Played a little bit thinking moved on. The, Athol, at the time, we can unlock the one physical activity by ensuring that young children learn to move better. As thing that's a key part of the Jigsaw I think. Base. Very, very important. So we started working. In a private capacity, because that's the only way we could do that. We started looking at progress with like. With working with three to rose originally very different to the secondary school young people who was working with We just highest hose. Would just try lots of. Different approaches that chart to blend a penalty that. was really driven by plight. And I guess what is now referred to what would now be called purposeful play so I could of Mike Sense of it now that I've been university for. Thirteen years I. Again enough a privilege to be to read and thinking right and and teach. And looking back was doing was purposeful play with clear movement outcomes. We ran that full of fourteen years until last year actually. So, alert light working with. Young children, a male of what we've Post Grad. So yeah, I've worked with three three roads to I guess forty three year olds if not be able to fight instead of yet is it really has been a privilege. and. It continues to continue to talk to really interesting people unlearn lunch from from the community ridden. And you mentioned that the idea or concept of place his essential to that the new mentioned move into this idea about purposeful place. So maybe you can expand a little bit on what that entails yet when. People move into teacher education than into higher education, probably become better teachers. Would stop working fulltime in school Save myself is conversational happy with the. Team at university about all always still teaches. Christ colleague Alex Things. Just transition from school to university personal identity..

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