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Kind of tally that I used to have when I was seventeen. Eighteen have cared world when I was like twenty miles did money were three or four days of as I got older I started working more and more and more data where it's always worked. How do I do not want to work to survive? I want to work to just be able to pay my bills. I WANNA joy live and it. Kinda brought this new mentality whereas right now is because I had income for six weeks now. This week seven summit. Okay it's time to start figuring something now. This is the plan to come out in work three four days and have days to enjoy life. Now we're five six days and have that one day to recoup to able to go over. Okay so this is the kind of like a not in any shape any way shape or form has been good but in my personal experience like okay. This is kicking ass. I needed because I could have been doing the same thing. So I hit Forty Min- shit. I missed out on my thirties whereas right now thirty one I could say okay. You know what it might take a little hard work. Initially but changed the goalpost. You know this isn't the goal. I don't want to have fucking x and X and a new car AETNA. No one to not a frugal life but just the life where I can pay the bills. Have some savings have some spending money but be able to do the things that I enjoy doing? Being able to take a day off and just fucking read. Go running and then do a three hour. That's kind of what the new fiery kind of burning inside. I gotTA figure something out to accommodate these leads and these wants as opposed to before a if the norm that you yourself and I want this weird 'cause I've again going back to how this has impacted me. It's I've been living paycheck to paycheck mind tire life and Mike I mean I put it on myself a little bit because I live in San Francisco in expensive last studio but I love it. I love a studio over lived So yes I can probably not live here and have a little more expanded Linfen but I was set up for promotion set for a pay raise literally like April first. That was gonna to be like everything was in be better for me like I was finally able to say like damn making some like livable. Money to in some in some ways like decent money so that that all got taken away put off table because what happened in the NFL going from. Hey you're you're not gonNA get a periods the motion. Reuniting the Perez like whatever Resume than went from that to. Hey actually you know. We have to let people go. You're going to be put on temporarily understand the business side of understand that decision because the company to continue to be a company like you have to think about long term so like I was. I took it very selfishly. I'd say in the beginning announced like Manna sucks. Like what the hell like. I've I worked my ass off. I've done this this and that but looking back yet you can. You can always like that. Was Me reacting the moment in Lagos justified? I justified because of how I felt when what I'd done to get to that point and just got taken away from me but now it's like you know it is what it is I WANNA bounce back figured out on. This would have been trying to do like looking for jobs. I've been doing like informational interviews like I said earlier like talk to this guy from the MLB couple of weeks ago. Super Cool Dude in like was mentioning something about like a job opportunity at enough ever if I'd ever moved to New York. S seems drastic but just like trying to make connections Nana Save helps at least something but just because I want to talk to people in here about what they do. And Hey it's like door door open straight. If NOT UNSTUCK CONSENTED RELATE. A are you doing? How's this has this Like I'm rambling. So feel free is one of the quotes that I hear some audience is. I'm I'm GonNa make my net what I said. It was episode one. He asked me a like what what are. What are the plans at the time? The plans change it. I'll be honest with you. It's been a little bit over here. I guess in some capacity I said I have a great network so make that network worked for me which is kind of a might tell people I had this cast on who was a professional Moi tied fighter. Hey I have a you know this this guest. That has Reagan clothing brownies on his own facile tour. He's still toured with bands like nationwide. Hey I il the list goes on and on some people might being planted like. Oh well. That's really fucking cool but if I were telling. Hey My homie Alex. When High School with Brandon? Just have your friends on this show right. Yeah so this is my networks showcase them and let them speak for themselves. The people love them. Which I KINDA. I guess I was not much can. I knew that it would be it because I knew their story and I knew I read some of the story. Ideas is really fucking so I feel like some of the people in our line. Kinda take it for granted just because Alex it is been but they had heard that somebody else's story was the exact same thing they do. This is fucking killing. He's GonNa Tours whatever whatever and say you know what? I'm obviously. I started this episode while you were lying. Like great friend remind. The people don't realize how close friendships aren't you might think all he had animated. That's pretty dope. I couldn't go about it the other way into like you know what let's be strangers. Make It seem. I don't know you said that some genuine so I said GonNa make the network from insofar as I got other people reaching out to me now that had to be okay and as long as he stayed genuine in new state triggers though flight that network is GonNa Networks look out for you and into your points in the work for you do have from At one conversation with this guy talked on for like forty five minutes. Su Super Cool Flew out of New York and we started conversation was like hey tell me about. He asked me. I tell me about you backstory. What was it with your situation? This isn't that then. We can't edit talking about on my family. It's about the music interested in like it was just a very more like laid back like Hey. I just want to get to know you as person personal connections human interaction I think to me the most important thing like being able to have conversations. I you did with bastards this being able to have a conversation no matter what you believe in no matter what. Your view is like an still having that level of respect of hearing the other person out. That's what I think we should all have should have the ability and should want to do Sad One hundred station guy in I as a cool. Thank you for your time. Emailed them like before the end of the day as a K. Thanks again appreciate the time Stay in touch and then a week. Later job-hunting I saw a job with that twitch and as I guy that looks kind of fits my background let me apply And then coincidentally the next day he's like. Hey are you interested in this opportunity? And it's what I've applied for that same position at twitch My good friend is hiring manager. Now's like actually. Yeah like I just applied for. This is a great. I'm GONNA connected connective email and like so you guys can talk so you like Senate emails in her. He's like hey this is drew. I just had a conversation with him. I think he'd be great opportunity. Like you know here. He is An ended up talking to her ready conversation. So like I'm still in that process of of interviewing for twitch cross my fingers malicious issues again goes back to being yourself. Bless you being itself Just being true to what you believe in just always acting in a genuine fashion. I'd say that we're genuine lot. But it's one word I love and I truly believe in its It's so easy to try to put up a front try to be somebody or not and funny enough. I always felt like I don't call my brothers My brothers always. I was trying to be somebody. I'm not especially when I started Grad School. I was trying to be a little more just like not formal but just a little more spread word like always therese always asking questions. They wouldn't be serious. I guess And they're like do you like at war with the family that I understood it like. Yeah we're at. The family needs to always be on this level of seriousness. But like I was trying to just better myself since like I WANNA. I WANNA go into the workplace. I'm still going to be myself but I know I have to have this level of professionalism and Shit I still mixing miters now. The I started like a drinks withdrew tradition our like Thursday at four PM. We have beer and I introduce them as just how I get along with people. I like to crackle Abnegation sometimes I drink too much but you know everybody. I don't know where the housing was that but anyways begonias genuine sincerely you are one of the genuine people so you can see that much want because one thing George lasy. Jorge Vargas the person I am with you. Here is happy tomorrow. Work at like in canonic than yeah. We're fucking around. The same thing brought it many times. You would've told me they. I don't know why maybe because they see it work in other places. Like a Gimmick. Come in and be like very. Hey healthy goal in me. You would be doing that. That's not hand me so then just GEICO. It'd be like like a radio personality soon and I'm like I don't WanNa be reader personality. That's the great thing about this. Learned Joe Ryan for Bread shopping. I can say whatever the fuck I want. There's no producer back. They're telling me what can say. So why would I try to contain myself in this box that I don't need to be put in? You know something. No No. I'm sorry I I won't do that because they have. Ideas like people have like a wrestler like like fuck in Cogan Rick Flourish amount. Very fucking brother you know. Some sorta gave him and that's not in any way shape or form what I'm trying to do or a plan to you. Know maybe fucking sketch show ever comes battler. Some as a different story. But that's why this is just me trying to have conversations. Whoever may be on whether it's a friend acquaintance somebody I'm getting to know or whatever may be whatever that out and going back to something else you mentioned was the human interaction and I feel like that's one of the reasons why during.

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