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In fall first on elbow cay then Marshall harbor on great Abaco island with wind gusts topping more than two hundred twenty miles an hour grand Bahama island expected to take a hit tonight and then we all want to know what is that storm going to do when when is it going to get there and how bad you're going to be we just don't have that that's Belushi I county Florida emergency management director Jim judge we can do the best we can with the information we have and that's why we're taking the precautions we are the county which includes the Daytona beach area once people in coastal areas either with family members off shore or in shelters bike tomorrow night judge saying take those things are going to be comfortable with because what you're gonna get is the spot on the floor evacuation orders going into effect this hour in Brevard county that is the space coach in Florida because this storm is so massive its winds so strong people from Florida all the way north to North Carolina are being urged to consider heading inland a prayer vigil two hours from now on the university of Texas Permian basin campus that's in Odessa the prayers for the seven people killed and nineteen wounded by a gunman who opened fire at random with an A. R. fifteen type rifle first from his vehicle then from a hijacked mail truck before he was killed by police the postal worker was shot so was a state trooper who initially stopped the man to other police officer shot one from Midland another from Odessa they are.

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