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Is now investigating the Gilroy garlic festival shooting is a case of domestic terrorism officials announcing today they discover the government had a list of other possible targets including religious and political institutions as well as courthouses but the exact motive remains to be discovered with the motive still a mystery the F. B. I.'s behavioral analysis unit has been brought in profilers trying to put together a picture of the gunman says the FBI's John Bennett so a lot of science and a little bit hard in there too profiles are here I have unfortunately great experience and and doing this the crime scene is still being processed as F. B. I. teams try to map the trajectory of every bullet that was fired at like stone ABC news family members the Gilroy garlic festival gunman say they are deeply shocked and horrified by his actions they said in a statement today that they would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to that incident and the statement also says for the family it is impossible to reconcile this with the sun we thought we knew the nineteen year old opened fire at the Gilroy garlic festival before shooting himself three people were killed thirteen injured a California man facing charges after he allegedly threatened presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Rafael Goodman arrested on Monday released after posting fifty thousand dollars bail Long Beach police say that twenty seven year old is charged with criminal threats and threatening a public officer the Vermont senator is scheduled to speak at Long Beach City College tonight two people are dead after shooting inside a Carmichael senior center suck no county sheriff's deputies responding reports of a shooting there in the four thousand block of walnut Avenue around eleven thirty this morning sergeant tested hearing says husband and wife are dead in what appears to be a murder suicide female victim is a resident at the care home and the mail was visiting at the time there was a weapon that was recovered inside of the room hearing says it's not clear who fired the shots they both apparently were suffering from dementia related issues a California man getting greatly reduce criminal sentence now is the result of a recently passed assembly bill that is now a state law fifty seven year old can't Williams is believed to be the first Californian to benefit from AB twenty nine forty two that allows authorities to take a second look at prison sentences the measure was authored by assemblyman Phil Tang who says Williams may be one of the many who sentence was too harsh often times when you do legislation you always wonder who's gonna impact whose life is going to change so the fact that this change Mister Williams life his family's life really makes it incredibly forces Williams got fifty years to life for residential burglaries and car theft in two thousand and three tanks as everyone deserves a second chance and says he hopes other district attorneys and judges follow suit Mike baka news ninety three point one KFBK all right it's a five thirty five now at KFBK wouldn't get you caught up on this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K. K. Richard meals as they don't yet know what motivated a gunman to kill nine people in a weekend mass shooting but he says they are getting a more developed pictures materials reviewed thus far reveal that the individual had a history of obsession with violin ninety Asians do include mass shootings had expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting the FBI is now leading that investigation the FBI also opening a domestic terror investigation in northern California where a gunman murdered three people at the Gilroy garlic festival Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer one of several Democrats calling on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take action on gun control saying to leader McConnell do.

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