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Michael burdett. 80 O 8 in Arlington Washington, or Washington as I like to say, they say, I say, worst. Paul zimmermann in Dixie Washington, 6 6 6 5 duke of Luna lover of America and boobs. Boobs. And he's got the small boobs. Robert torato and San Francisco 55 55 radder in Woodstock Ontario 55 ten, dean Roker, 55 ten, David Pete, 55 in Decatur, Texas, Tyler Shaq, 52 80, Robert stats or stats in San Diego, California 51, $1151 from Nancy's son de burgh and Mercer island Washington, nice area. She also said, you gotta read this note. This is pretty funny. I'm gonna read this note. I recently heard Adam curry on the megyn Kelly show. Oh, no, she says Kelly and Todd. We first listened to Adam curry on the transistor radio while during the evening cow milking in our poor little Dutch village. At the time he was broadcasting on the pirate radio ship Caroline later Adam Cole is this woman, but later Adam curry was our big heartthrob on MTV when it still played the music. However, I did not know what happened to him after he was fired by him TV. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear him on the Kelly pod. It was not easy to find your show on the interweb as Adam did not really mention it on the Kelly pod. When I put no agenda into the googles, it took me to Laura Logan for some reason. Anyway, I did find it on about the third or fourth Google page. This is not true. If you put no agenda into Google, we have nothing but. Closing. Let me say thank you for your courage in the morning. Thank you for your. Very funny. I like it. Very cute. Nancy sundberg. Good one, dance. Natasha holler, $50 and 17 sensors a. Birthday there and Andrew Benson imperial Missouri sent in a check 50 O 5, which he does commonly. He's a sir Andrew band, and now we have the $50 donor's name and location when applicable. Kevin O'Brien and Chicago Illinois, Scott lavender, sir Scott, Montgomery, Texas, Daniel leboy, and bath, Michigan, Matthew grace, Julian Robbins in aptos, California, Lucas deaton in Dayton, deaton, and Dayton. Dayton Ohio, that is sir Andrew gusset goosey in Greensboro, North Carolina. SJ Alexander and Seattle Washington. David Wright and Harrison Arkansas, who's got a birthday for someone, a Justin zaitsev in Warner Robins, Georgia. Adrian molar in a task adero, California, Robert case in mill springs, North Carolina, and last on the list is Leigh Anne shipley in Covington, Washington, Washington, we want to thank all these folks for being supporters of the no agenda show and producing this show that showed no. 1392 on our way to our 14th anniversary, next show. Dan, we thank everyone who came in under $50 for anonymity, typically, but also that's where the sustaining donation show up our subscriptions. 1111, 12, 12, I think we still got some fours. You're 33s. Go ahead and check it out. You will not be disappointed. Dot org slash and a and a quick make do from Mike Newman. I think we didn't get his note for the last show. Please accept my three 33 33 donation hand delivered IS to oh, this was from the meetup. Hand delivered a Tina, the keeper at last night's bastrop county meetup. It was a wonderful event by the incredible gracious hosts, some solid, Texas, hospitality, not bad for two ex Californians, I admit. It was great to just roll the window down on the truck to greet and be greeted by the parking attendance with a hearty in the morning. A truly enjoyed meeting several fellow citizens of gitmo nation new to me and one guy I had known from other circle several years back. Good times. Please send some jobs karma as the tentacles of grand overlord Joe reach out to my job somehow through federal contracts, finding like minded resistors is extremely difficult in my office and we're still mostly working from home and scattered across the country as it is. Thank you very much for your courage, Mike Newman. Yes. How about a job's karma for everybody? Jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs. Let's vote for jobs. Karma. How good do that want to read? I'm sorry. Go ahead, whoops. Now go ahead. I actually have two notes, so. All right, go. I hate to worry this is from Katie As urgent FDA announcement and lady Elaine I hate the word douchebag so I'll say DB that's me. I started listening this year and promised to donate as soon as I get a new job, I've been dealing with the same crap as many other listeners at the university of Rhode Island for not succumbing to the needle of death. I received a message from a freedom fighter about the FDA meeting on ten 28 to discuss mandating vaccines for kids ages 5 to 12 for the next two days the public and submit a comments or consideration, please implore the audience to make a virtual visit to the flood the FDA site. Then click on the link below she has some link, but you can find defined it. Comment on the BS tyrannical mandate since she goes on. This please forward to everyone you know the flood the FDA. PS, my kids 5 and 7 love listening to the show, in the car with me. They say Adam sounds dreamy. And you, John, sound like lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers. The compliments are killing me today. The time you it all stands from the time you impersonated a woman, it just clicked to the kids, so they say, hey, this, listen to lady Elaine. And I think it's this voice that I do here because I sound a little like lady Elaine. If you listen to her on the YouTube channel, very much sounds like this woman that I'm doing now. So now your dreamy and I'm lady Elaine. You know, John, 14 years. Your talent never ceases to amaze. It's unbelievable. It really is. So, and I can't get a gig. I can't get it. All right, thank you all very much for supporting us. It is value for value. You won't find any brought to you by Pfizer's here. No, no. You're producing it. That includes your time, your talent, your treasure, thank you for producing episode.

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