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That has your on ramp closed on the road with road work on US one that'll be north after Wiley street that right lane is blocked by Rick you were so news radio six ten W. Y. O. D. on the warm side through the end of the week more rain chances back by the end of the week with another pocket of low pressure moving up from the Atlantic we'll see a few clouds around tonight alone the monkey mid seventies breezy northeast winds partly sunny on Wednesday highs in the low to mid eighties storm chances increasing Thursday with updates around the clock on south Florida's severe weather station and the weather channel's marks a bit on newsradio six ten W. why would be although Padilla's features were very full last Saturday things went well during a covert nineteen virtual town hall meeting hosted by news channel eight in Tampa sheriff Bob Gualtieri says it went well because they had over three hundred law enforcement officers patrolling the beaches we're going to keep the whole staff you know gone through a world of tarpon springs man was killed while showing his fifteen year old daughter how to park his truck the forty six year old man was standing in front of the vehicle when the team was about to back the truck up but hit the accelerator while the truck was still in drive striking her father forecasters are tracking an area of low pressure in the Atlantic near the Bahamas and say it could become a sub tropical storm this weekend it's no threat to Florida hurricane season starts June first with Florida's news I'm John Conrad purchase a certain house family goes license tag automatically help children and families no more long waiting lines get your tag at Sheraton house nine AM to five PM Monday through Friday for more information visit Sheraton house dot org answers for today's family I heart media no small businesses across the country are facing new challenges during the Copa nineteen pandemic so to.

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