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They say what's happening here and maybe it spread maybe it's the fire in the fireplace but it it engages people in a different place and then I feel like we can have the conversation you're listening to Dolores Huerta and Alice waters in conversation with David Nelson this is city arts and lectures you know I think what you said about to some point nine or dial in our broker dealers are the foundation we have a nine chapters of our foundation and we have a monthly meeting every month the general meeting of course the suspended now but in we have food at every meeting at the end of every meeting we have food so our food legend in our organization is quite large you know like and what she was saying mama Montessori you know of the emotional part of it by the touching and I'm just wondering if maybe that's what organizing is also and because when you're organizing people in the way that we organize it and I have to mention federal senior you know he was from the bay area and he's won the Thomas on organized and someone were organizing we really try to touch people's emotions because of and and the emotion that we're trying to to reach them is to make them understand that they have power and once that they can understand that but the only way that we can make some of them just stand that is it would give them examples of people that look like them now people of low income many of them immigrants that people that look like them have been able to accomplish a great improvements in their communities and once they see that in the capture that then then that the side of the motion and I love what you said about Montessori and a learning by doing and because often times people say well we have to have a a workshop but we have to have a class on leadership well my experience is that people learn leadership by doing like getting out there going to your local public US city councilors school board like we do have an I. ducation program you know having parents go to the school board telling them to confront them and recommend improvements like they do now and when they see that that actually improves are implemented then they get they give them that sense of their power in this sense of leadership and even though many of the people of the organized Mike says on television all the way to the eighth grade you know they never had a chance to go to high school go to college but they do understand that they have the power to make changes in the community and I'm just wondering if there is a connection there with the whole Montessori movement absolutely eight when you were talking I remember that during the Bob Scheer campaign when he is running for Congress on an empty for platform and I would go down to Oakland my cell phone my cell and I would go up and knock on the doors okay people and say yeah I was I wanted to talk to them about both sheer and the anti war movement and it really educated me I had no idea you know who I would confront I was shocked please stand and made me who know who who was living in those houses and the circumstances of never forget that but you need we need to just do it and this is what I did to her so much she is just doing get out there and do just you know I was looking at both of your foundation's website to Laura swear to foundation and the edible schoolyard foundation website and I was noticing how much curriculum is on both and I was thinking in this moment in time when everyone is sheltered when children are home when they're being home schooled when their parents are involved with this I was thinking of both of your sites as such a resource for families and what you buy I tell people to go look for there right now in this no this is uncharted moment the cooking with your children yes something really pretty current because children are so interested in being able to make something simple this thing the cooking an egg in the morning just having that inner experiences being out the stereo doing it by themselves cracking had AA whisking and if you run into scrambled eggs but it's it's the simplest thing and it has a very unique and if they feel empowered to end their slots on our website about different things to cook that we know kids love they're easy to do that are affordable and I think that together I think cooking greens making beans I mean there's certain nourishing of someone else it's just kind of the staple make them at the beginning of the week lasts for a long time Alex what's your website there for the edible schoolyard foundation C. mobile schoolyard dot org well I'll definitely partner up with pals with is a and then the thing a lot of people don't know is that thanks funny with the governor Jerry Brown and continue with governor Gavin Newsom right now every school district in California here's what they get extra money for low income children for foster children in for English learners but as part of them getting that extra money and guess what they have to take recommendations from parents and students okay it's called the local control funding formula and then every year and they have to have a community open forum okay make recommendations and I can see that this is a way that we can get the edible schoolyard in as many many schools as possible so we definitely will promote that on our end and I think that we should promote that you know throughout the state of California could handle so many people I would love to follow your model and then thank you know what with your direction then we can make this happen so like you said before right now we're all children of the can do all this great work right now and so our social media and through the internet and get this information out to everyone so in some respects that we can take advantage as for myself I am so happy I wanted to be totally you know on your site if people if parents wanted to bring the children into your world and the sort of father history in the information and what is there are there resources there for parents and kids right now actually I we aren't and later on today or tomorrow that would be getting on the weapon are and we are going to have a curriculum around the dollar's worth of data the teachers from this account when teachers association they've been working on this curriculum curriculum now for several months and we will be finalizing that and that will be put up and done it it was actually contacting school district right now especially since people are doing this online learning in online teaching to include in that those are the foundation of the curriculum in their teaching and so that you don't I was looking to include the medical schools are just part of our curriculum okay so we do your curriculum in our anthropology cation yeah the opportunity to get the word I think the TiVo is the place of equality that if we have children seated at the table eating together all together every lunch time not standing in line picking up food dumping half of it in the garbage wasting it but sitting down and I said mentioned that school lunch could even be connecting it to the academic curriculum so if you're studying for instance the geography of the Arabian peninsula maybe you're eating the fruit of that place at lunch time having some S. N. a P. to print the right to believe salad and those spicy carrot soup and since you're digesting the cultures of the world as an everyday experience earlier about going up in Stockton and how fortunate I was because the heart of that growing up with all of my different friends who were immigrants from different countries is that I love to eat with chopsticks when I was seven years old and you know we are you know the N. double in all the different foods from all of our different friends of the family from Mexico you know I grew up in New Mexico so their food was a little bit different in our food and it was just but just going up to all these different cultures and so connecting and I feel sorry for people that don't have this experience you know that they don't have friends who didn't grow up with people the firm from different countries because I think that they've been deprived in fact someone asked me once for about our president is that what would you say to president trump and sorry for him because he obviously didn't have the great opportunity that I am in Stockton California growing up with all of my friends you know and he I think he had a great insular world you know he didn't have a lot of friends from from different cultures and and and also maybe never had the opportunity to work in the garden to work in a few of the other and I think that's something that everybody needs and the slow the Alice waters of the world so it is very low but that just opens up everyone and to be able to get make that connection with food which is such an essential essential part of our lives let's see is the basic part of our lives right if we can't eat we can't live and if we can't eat good food then of course we damage our bodies instead of healing of bodies making them healthy it makes me think of the garden that Michelle Obama plant and she planned to stay with children at the White House and that image when around the world and it's also a close people to plant their own car there was a big run on seats after after she planted there currently so I've always thought the that the powers that be and then when they're speaking this language like you're speaking it really influences people to to do it you know themselves and it's even if it's not exactly happening we need to imagine that it could help and make well the baking of the Obamas both of you both Delores worked and Alice waters were given a divorce you were given the medal of honor by president Barack Obama Alice you received the national medal of arts and humanities and a lower S. I'm gonna play a little clip from this extraordinary documentary that's been made about you by Peter Bratt and produced in collaboration with Carlos Santana and Benjamin Bratt from independent lands it was shown on PBS I want to run a clip from that film but first alert us to set it up I wonder if you could explain are you well she said weather I mean it's exactly what you're talking about now where that term came from what it means how it came to be well I think it's a very strong the same because it means that the collective I can and in the collective weekend in Spanish it means both things in English at the save several of these if I can get back my my young son the Ricky Madison he says mom you're not alone I come here and I can answer whether that's going to mean that I can't it also means we can working together I think that's why it's it's a powerful slogan and it actually happened in Arizona and his season again the trouble he was in the middle of the twenty five day water only fast and I was trying to get some of our professionals let the nose to come support Cesar he goes on a lot of fear that has all that and they said doing all you can do that and there's ana in California you can do all those things but in Arizona no se puede no you can't in my response to that list yes we can you know see separately and then that's where it came from so I think he came from the university that first started in Arizona in nineteen seventy two why was Caesar on a twenty five day all water fast what was what led to the fast still he was fasting because they have passed along Arizona that if anybody still went on strike they can go to prison if anybody said woke up like welcome the strike and if anybody said boy kind of tried to boycott anything that they could also go to prison and in the long list of eventually that's all not by the Arizona Supreme Court but at that time they passed that law in season was protesting and actually this class was about a cake in the fear taking the fear out of the heart of the growers so that they wouldn't be afraid of the farm workers in the David S. C. farm workers as as our partners end up not not to focus as well as also purposes first one was for non violence would you do he didn't delay you know and in nineteen sixty eight you know when there is honor in nineteen seventy two I was as I mentioned so the people would not be afraid of each other and then the last one that he did his thirty six day France was against pesticides into it to make our food safe in those we see as we celebrated his birthday yesterday we remember well let's take a moment and let's go to a clip so this is the moment at the ceremony I will add this Dolores received the national medal of honor the same year as Bob Dylan is that right well actually medal of freedom medal of freedom my apologies medal of freedom and Alice he received the medal of arts and humanities the Sameer amongst others as Stephen King out along with a roster of others anyway just to markets in time let's see that clip yeah I was gonna say that actually the other person Toni Morrison we see that when I did Bob Dylan and the granddaughter of great great granddaughter of Juliette low the founder of the.

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