Alan Garcia, Peru, President Trump discussed on BBC Newshour


He is said to have taken bribes. From this Brazilian construction from audible in order to give the firm that huge contract. And as you say he is not alone in being a former president with questions over him. That's right last week Republican ski who was the most recent president to have been in office until two thousand eighteen he resigned over vote-buying scandal, but he was detained last week. And he was actually also taken to hospital today from the prison where he was in pretrial detention because he was suffering from high blood pressure. There's also Yondo Malla who's accused of taking bribes also in connection allegedly with order blessed to bankroll his election campaign and now on Garcia, and then there's also Leandra to lay the who's a fugitive in the US and before today's dramatic turn of events. What had Alan Garcia said about? The accusations. He had tweeted last night when this detention order came out that he was innocent that he quote, I wasn't born to steal, and he'd always maintained that this was a case of political persecution against him back in November Wendy investigation for started. He had tried to seek asylum at the resident residents of the Uruguay embassador in Lima. And he was there for two weeks in the residence, but Uruguay decided that there is no political persecution in Peru. And that if he had a case to answer he should do. So and I wonder what all of this is doing to public opinion about the whole political class. Incorrect impro-. Well, a lot of the reaction on Twitter has been that when the arrest warrant was issued that they were happy that he should stand trial as they hoped. But of course, this reaction the shooting of himself is a shock to anyone in Peru. Through. This is a thing that nobody had expected. I mean, as I say there is a former presidents who fugitives. There is former presidents who are in jail, but for somebody to put a gun against his neck. That is something that Peru hasn't seen before finesse. Thanks, very much Latin America editor Vanessa Bush. Loser there on dramatic events.

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