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Not there lamar maybe markey's brown emerges as as a force next year and mark andrews and end up being third in the pecking order there Which he might be in pittsburgh anyway but yeah not not not the choice. I would have made but not my choice to make. No one wanted to sign me this offseason. so yeah me. Neither rough disappointing. Let's let's hope about the raiders. And what's what's going on there. I am going to start this with an impassioned defense of jon gruden and then you can tear it down. I'm going to log off you. Guys later i'll say this it's not going to be an impassioned defense but i will say this. In general i think a lot of people wringing their hands over losing ultimately end up being trade so they'd bring back draft picks for ronnie hudson engage jackson. And you a lot of people running their hands over a young this offense a line that sort of got taken apart here. I think this offense of line has been quite overrated over the last five years. I think it's been a good line. I don't think it's a great line. I think those guys were aging. I think if maybe one of those moves was made we. Would you know. Raise your eyebrows a little bit and then sort of go on with your life. The fact that it sort of came in clumsier is a little more alarming. We'll say that. But i think there were a couple of years where i call it. The donald penn affect donald penn was a solid. Left tackle for the raiders. He was touted because his numbers are so good. He was touted as his franchise. Y'all foundational piece for the raiders. Where he just wasn't the reason they don't give up any sacks with this team is derek targets of all out so quickly now that's changed a little bit over the last couple of years with gruden coming in and putting in something a little more forward thinking then sort of the the pure quick strike stuff they were doing under todd downing but it was not particularly challenging to pass protect for derek carr over the years and i think people sorta got these numbers skewed. I mean rodney. Hudson was a really really good center. I don't know if you are really having to drop off that people think they're going to have with them. And they what they like their guy andre james and we're going to find out whether the right or not..

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