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We're starting from members of cafe insider. It's called cyberspace and it's hosted by my friend. Recent guest of stay tuned and renowned. Cyber National Security expert John Carlin. John led the justice. Department's National Security Division under President Obama. And prior to that served as chief of staff and senior counsel to then FBI Director Robert Mueller is currently a partner at Morrison and foerster where he chairs the firm's global risk and crisis management group. He also leads the Aspen Institute cybersecurity group John and I have teamed up to keep the country safe in our previous jobs, and now I'm happy. We're working together to keep the country informed. On, Wednesday he spoke with his successor at the Department of Justice Assistant. Attorney General John Denver's. It's a fascinating conversation that spans a wide variety of issues including the threat of civil unrest, domestic terrorism, foreign surveillance, authorities, encryption and Chinese espionage. For our takeaways from the interview and to be notified about the New Forthcoming Cyberspace podcast. Had to cafe dot com slash preet and sign up to receive a free link. That's cafe. Dot Com slash preet. Now without further delay, the first episode of Cyberspace with John Giancarlo. Featuring an exclusive interview with John Moore's. From, Cafe This is cyberspace. And I'm your host John Carlin. My guest today is John Denver's. John succeeded me is the head of the DOJ's National Security Division in February twenty eighteen. National Security Division I knew litigating division at the Justice Department in round fifty years since the creation of the Civil Rights Division and was established in the aftermath of the September eleventh attacks. It tackles a wide range of threats to our country from cybercrime in terrorism espionage, it is also responsible for surveillance warrants against foreign spies and represents the government afford the foreign intelligence surveillance court. demerge his veteran division. Having first served when it first started under President George W Bush. I'm excited. That joins US Today on this first episode of the Cyberspace Podcast for a conversation about the many threats. We.

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