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Liberty education vacation starts here. Tom would show if you've ever considered publishing a book through kindle. I have a lot of experience with it. I helped to publish there's bob murphy's book in kendall my own book real descent that was self published i published in kendall and i've assembled some videos that will show you step by step all the tech aspects six of preparing your manuscript to be published as a kindle book and also a series of strategies that most people don't know about that kindle itself makes available to you to help get the word out about your book so people actually see it and by get these videos for free at tom woods dot com slash kindle hi everybody. Tom woods here very glad to welcome back to the show. Well known libertarian content creator julie borowski and she's got a brand new project completely different from other work. She's done. It's ah children's book. A beautifully illustrated children's book called. Nobody knows how to make a pizza and it's based loosely on the pencil essay. I say we'll talk about that. If you don't know what that is and that's the sense in which nobody knows how to make a pizza so it is more or less teaching something about the way the market economy economy spontaneously coordinates extremely complicated forms of production so it's a it's a wonderful wonderful contribution and i'm delighted to talk to her about that that as well as later in our conversation the state of the libertarian movement as she sees julie welcome back tom and what a wonderful occasion for having you back i am delighted with this book and of course as the father of <hes> least at this point still a couple young girls. I'm always happy to see something more more for my girls to feast their brains on. Let's say and this book is beautifully illustrated and it's of course written very well and it it makes points that if people could just understand them when they're younger it would help them see the world much much more clearly when they're older so first of all congratulations to you on on this project <hes>. How long have you been working on it or when did when did occur to you to be a children's book author. I've been working on it for a few months now. So over the years a lot of people have talked to me that their kids actually like watching me on youtube libertarian parents. Some of them say you know. I don't really get your youtube channel but i have kids eight ten year olds at loved watch you and that was never my intention but when i think about it yeah i kind of do have a communication style that appeals to kids <hes> i can do fun. Silly stuff can simplify complicated subjects for kids and i saw that connor you know connor does the title twins and then i have advertised for him before he does great books and so many parents contacted me saying i love these books. Could you do something like this sounds like wow. There's a a huge demand for these books to teach kids about liberty so hey. I'm going to give it a try so i. I know i pencil <hes>. This is based on. I pencil <hes> it's born in my favorite essays because it just simplifies just the thing about pencils. <hes> i know leonard redid it. In a milton freeman a how pencil is so ordinary but it takes millions and millions of people just to come up with it and i said well you know kids. They don't really care that much about pencils but <hes> pizza. I kids love pizza so i came up with idea and i got illustrated in it yet and it's been in the works for few months. I'm really excited to have it out now. I was mentioning doing the illustrations and just before he went on you. Were telling me about how you had that done so this wasn't a longtime friend of yours or something. This was somebody from faraway. How did that come. No so i just posted online that i was looking for an illustrator and a bunch of people got back to me and i looked at their artwork and this lady tatyana copa tova tova. She did an amazing job so i looked at her portfolio in it was exactly what i wanted. I wanted a very traditional children's book that kinda style and and she did an amazing job for me. She actually lives in ukraine so it's kind of amazing. I guess we're talking about economics but how you can hire people around the world to do stuff for you. It was really awesome. That is really tremendous. So that's kind of goes to show again the the opportunities. We have living today day that you could find somebody. Remember the very first time i all i needed. Was i have a a digital product and i wanted to be able to sell gift subscriptions to it and so i want to have was just a little icon of a of a present with a bow on and i don't know how to draw that me forget it so i i went on one of these freelancers sites and somebody from india did it for me within an hour now that that's a world i wanna live. That's just that's an amazing thing so the idea of of i pencil of course as you say this classic essay is that it's not just a matter of what goes on in the pencil factory itself. The pencil factory in a way is kind of the least interesting part of the pencil. So how would you then described to a child that the process of and by the way i like also that you moved away from the pencil because maybe children are more interested in pizza than they are in pencils right so think about your audience. How do you make clear to them that how you make pizza it's not just the guy in the pizza shop throws them dough in the air and puts it in the oven and there's a pizza yeah so the bucks. Nobody knows how to make a pizza. When you say that pat you kind of think. What do you mean. Nobody knows how to make a pizza like baker. Just puts the pizza together in the oven. Puts a tomato sauce cheese but you actually look at what goes on before that ax so. I talked about how there's the farmer. There's a delivery guy. There's a woman working in the factory. All the things that go on behind the scenes that kids may not think about then you you start thinking about everything around you. How many people went into making very very simple things so it's really an amazing thing and yeah i cited with pizza because because pencils i feel like kids. Don't even use pencils anymore so i wanted to make something like a silly topic. That kids like i think adults like the book too so once once. A child has read this. What exactly do you want that child to walk away with other than i guess a pizzas more complicated than i thought why does kind of want to open up kids minds and i went to have discussions with their parents. I want them to look around. I kind of said it really opens kids minds to how things are created did and one of the points that i make in the book of course i pencil as well is that there's no central planners. There's nobody organizing this process and how it comes together through spontaneous order in the invisible hand of course i don't say that in the book but i think kids kind of get the point that there doesn't need to be a central planner let people be free to create and and they can create amazing things like cheese pizza that everyone loves kit just to kind of open their minds and discussions with their parents and realize that freedom is possible label. What's the age range. You're aiming this at so. I wrote ages three to eight of course eight year. Olds are going to be able to understand it more but if you look at the illustrations. I know you've seen this book that i think kids that are three four years old. They may not exactly get the concepts but i think they're like the pictures i i think it's just a beautifully illustrated. Book is about pizza. I think three four year olds love pizza and you know maybe they're growing and our realize what the books about by yeah. I think three to eight it is a good range. Now i know that as of this recording now we're speaking in the middle of august <hes> twenty nineteen <hes> we're still in a preorder state with this book but i'm curious about even though it's not in general circulation just yet although people should go to amazon and order it and i'll have it up on the show notes page but if you've had an opportunity to let's say try it out on children so far i yeah i had a few children read at who really loved it. I of reached out to teachers. I wanted this book that libertarian parents will love astle wanted just a book that any kind of parents will love that you can give to your nieces nephews who's grown children and their parents won't get mad at you that you're not trying to indoctrinate their kids so i kinda wanna just book that anyone could read so i elicit <hes> kids. I enlisted teachers of all kinds of political backgrounds to read the book and they all loved it. It's really just about educating kids about economics. It's not political indoctrination. I wanted to make that very clear that this isn't like me trying to brainwash your kids but just to educate them about economics. I they do want to point out the actual show notes page. I didn't mention it before. It's tom was dot com. Slash fourteen seventy two and that's where we'll have a link to the book. You should definitely get it. If you have a child or you know somebody somebody with child or you know somebody. Who's a child who you want to get a gift for well. Look no further. Tom was dot com. Slash fourteen seventy two is where you wanna go. I'm curious about whether the process of doing it was pleasant or a big pain in the neck or what and whether you would consider doing more if you have any ideas or is it too soon to think about that yes. I'm actually writing the second one now so hopefully this one says will can afford to hire an illustrator again on. It took me a few months. Ons writing was a bit difficult because i know there's a lot of stuff a ni- pencil and i need to get down to thirty two pages. Which is the standard children's book picture book lane so i was you know throwing things around. I hired an editor. She was really really good editor. She worked for disney so this was something this is not like a libertarian person and this is someone that i just kind of wanted to basically someone who knew children's books in so basically she tossed ideas back to me you know how can we get this book to be more broad art so yeah. It was a couple months. I would definitely do it again. This book is self published. I really wanted to be self published because i wanted to have creative control over the process. I didn't wanna publisher telemedia chain something. I wanted to have the final say in everything so this is my own project and yeah i would definitely klay do it again. I have a really cool idea of the next book which hopefully will be released is going to have to do with cats kids like cats and pizzas so hopefully if we all get a chance to do that. Some of my listeners know that i'm a i'm distinctly a cat person myself not a dog person and this has <hes> this has created some dissention among the ranks within the ranks here among the tom would show listeners and you know i. I don't know if rothbart ever really said this but it's it's attributed to murray rothbart that everybody is allowed one deviation in libertarianism and in life one major deviation and i got a lot of people tell me that my being a cat person is..

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