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Because I mean, a stay agents are their garbage. Well, they don't all garbage. But they I mean, they are they're they're like I don't like doing a punk game. Jamie's carrot staff is I mean, he is such an idiot. Like we've seen it. Now. They've cut it together. We watched it all I absolutely love of like, it's really the pilots one of the funniest things. Have you seen it? Yeah. Well, yes. So I the pilot, but that the black the black it so it feels like such such a good thing. I think because it's like a character comedy written by comedian cost with character comedians comedians, like most of the. Parts you're like, oh, that's my friend who's a comedian. You know, so much TV that's made nowadays, it's comedy. They'll be like a comedian at the heart of it. And then it's lots of actresses. And I'm not saying this is funny. But ain't funny. Guess what? They ain't as funny as comedians. I didn't know it felt like a very special stupid time in my life. And I was like, you know, I'm doing it with my brother who I is my best friend and fancy him. Nice. You know, and like L E Y. He's my partner she played like my best friend, then Williams, Linnet LIAM's Annette. I mean our Roberts who plays mice. Love interest is one of the funniest human beings. I I mean, I can't express with words is Adam Buxton in it. I thought he was quite visiting punk costs way. He didn't even ask him. Six definitely would have done it. And he would have been amazing. Maybe you're own. Maybe he is in. Yeah. Maybe I should just check. I should just probably check. I mean, there's things you can do with days. I'm not saying we can't see you in every saying I'm not saying we can't buy most saying we can't always should. I like the noise you made when I asked if Adam in was in Steph static I was trying to be like Mike, and I was thinking my head. How do you make with my mouth annoys of someone being like lightning funny way, then our air and the door shot and the car drives off I could do Santa Fe. Okay. Do that. So so you me, and then do this out of eight is Adam Buxton staff. Come back. Comes. Hey, sorry. Oh, sorry. I talk. Yeah. Staff. That sounds great. That's good stuff. Let's flats now because let's black. So funny. We me Jamie recently in America together because we're legends and him trying to explain it to American people. So it's stuff. Let's flats start is not a name that everyone knows in England. But America, they don't have let's out there. And there have flats why he he's sorry. He's what with a with a flat white like a coffee, and what to stack staff staff it would have to be cooled Greek boy rents apartments. So yes. So it's it was called staff. Sounds bit like staffers Steph infection as well. That's interesting. I've never heard of that. Thank you Stathis is the name of the character. The ingredients it's such a good name for the character, though. It's like the noise of staff around I'm staff it worked. So. Well, he's staff staff, but you could miss here. It a style big time. I mean, Steph Laycock aureus. Names bacteria that can cause a multitude of diseases. This is my on my big break you have to stop. We're naming back to know. It is obviously would have gone back could himself. Tony, maybe I didn't want to speak from his behalf..

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