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The streets people using commercially billboard pardon roses kabuga driver these proposals are still in their early stages you can bet they'll be lots more council discussion before anything actually happen in seattle jennifer sullivan komo news komo news time five forty four komo aaa traffic in retirement well we have reports of a disabled vehicle into kuala now southbound i5 just past 405 the center lane is blocked snow have stopandgo traffic from highway five ninety nine it's in that right centre lane so really making things tough as you try to head through the south center area southbound 509 is struggling through the highline neighborhood down to one thirty six because of a crash reported there we have slow downs south on i 5 from highway 18 through the 5 curve's still really struggling both directions of i five through tacoma between the and highway 16 sixty westbound as you leave i 5 were really jammed up all the way past south 19th it looks like a couple of crashes along the way south on i5 of slow go from bridge i'll weigh down as you head past the jblm main gate northbound is stop and go traffic out of you pont up to the jblm main gate as well you're going gonna find a rough getting in through lacey southbound i5 after you leave nece swahli from some earlier problems getting through bellevue is solid in downtown bellevue from northeast 8th through new castle we're still seeing brake lights southbound i 5 from northgate through seattle northbound is heavy through mountlake terrace to lynnwood next look at traffic at 554 marina rockinger komo news we got increasing clouds this evening tomorrow a thirty percent chance of showers early in the morning.

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