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And that's when i find the i find sort of the human condition to be the most fascinating is when you're faced with a moral and ethical decision verse says a financial decision of benefit nine times outta ten i'm pretty sure people gulf for the financial manifest think the difference is the the public image of united is probably irrevocably tarnished for a long period of time and they will be the butt of jokes and people who do have a choice in you know like if the flight is the same price i think people will say on a flying because i would do that i'm telling you i wish you know like you know all airlines have done crappy things passengers because that's the world we live in but if i have a choice with two flights i mean i'm already picking delta anyway let's be real because i'm a frequent flier remember words son country because i love how well son country takes care of its passengers i will certainly choose and other carrier over united for sure yeah how will keep will continue to keep our eye in the story i honestly thought this story would have fizzled by now but it's still going strong when we come back speaking of going strong go strong the whole night long celebrities have some sex tips for you and will unpack them when we return laurie and julia my how lady everyone wanting to smell him and what he's smell lay on the something you think about he it did he's not that now oh yeah nigeria capture laura i lock affect now rounding very that he had he had adalina data he had he ran it wasn't make invalid very any worked with him and line to nine on what his feet look like i do i be made all the little that way they beautiful fleet beautiful beautiful silly class and they now making you know all this time laurie and julia with producer donny love on my talk one.

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