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To revert back to the start. Where i said left wing. I'm alive. emit different cities. Does that might go up by person. Now as a lovely person idiom how upset he is is a publicly apologize. He tries to produce a lean. Yeah off feel really bad for him. What he said was wrong and he knows that is a poor george for that but they it roy air not whoa. I was gonna say i made much worse things to be said but it is different. I was gonna say someone told me a day off be flattered but i get. It's different a man talking about a woman. Yeah so it was wrong. He said i apologize today. And he's very upset bond. didn't realize who i didn't screen conveniently was it got picked up on there and then lucky fucker and if you guys to go has been blocked by papal over this with the ones that step away and said guys talk about a lot wrong here. He's oil can stop so everybody stuck up and down the right thing. We did police the issue. Now me personally. Or i didn't are st avenue. I'm getting involved in this conversation. If i'm wrong for that. I apologize apologize but personally that's just not how i am. Yeah by arm. No here to police everything. Everyone says. he's technically my group chat. Bought people can say what they want. Yeah far agree. I don't agree with it. Maybe i should of say guys that was wrong but it was already don of a papal. Yeah they had a conversation they will help case a might up a moved on so the problem was resolved the other thing. We've stupid so i was joking about this. Law have not clicked versus. Click after one of the pods so joking. Click colin mcrae clearly a joke. He doesn't actually one fucking group for a fucking grow up literally. Prophetic are that go. Always clutching at straws thing was that while he's burner compared linzer someone from curry or something. Yeah now well. I didn't even see that statement to screen show that was also very wrong that wadis burner eight an interesting character. He always argues people in that coach. Over time yeah. He's very on the ball on of offensive. Some people don't like him may.

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