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I love a lot of musicals, but it was interesting. I was getting into Tom Waits and Bob Dylan when I was going to school and their former singing and and I really really have a major I was on some doing some rant with my friend the other day ripping on this very thing, but it's like how wage Want the voices to be so pretty on Broadway and they actually weren't all pretty like they weren't like what's her name? Who's in Sunday in the park with George George Martin The Jerk Bernadette Peters Bernadette Peters. Yo No One listened God. No one must have all me thought we were going to be talking about Bernadette Peters, but we're we're in the forest. But her voice is not traditionally pretty like it is not like there is jarring aspects to her voice and in and I feel like off the thing with Bob Dylan the thing with Tom Waits, like I love that. It's like singing should not be prohibitive if you can hit the note. And it's like how the human voice isn't meant to sound exactly the same like it's the greatest instrument in all of the world. And then you go to school for people to behave like I get it for Opera like you have to learn how to sing opera but for Theatre music your voice should be able to do whatever it calls for and I think a lot of times nowadays people singing very much similar Styles and I love I'm so drawn to the people that have weird voices that like Maria bamford's a great example, obviously like her voice is like a great but she she can make it to ya and she can make it do somersaults kind of fun. Yeah. It's fun to listen to her. So that's cool. I just put that back up to the house women sing Waits on my Christmas list. There you go. You'll be happy to know I'm I'm someone needs to I'm very I'm excited for you. I think I think yeah, that'll be good. He yeah, like that's just a fun. It's cool that the person exists that like sings in weird ways. Like I'm glad there's eighty people that aren't doing it all over the radio. It's just he's like the same like I'm glad there's this one weird person out there doing his thing. That doesn't give a fuck like yeah these yeah and and and it and it's and it's he's doing it. I mean, do you feel like he's doing it for himself and if you like it you like it and he like it's not that he's not reaching toward the audience. It's just he's reaching for a very specific audience who might enjoy what he wants to genuinely do. Yes. Yeah, and I I think that's very inspiring cuz I think it's like it was probably scary thought I would imagine like when he first was like I'm going to change my entire sound like I'm always amazed at those people that are like throw it all away and are like, all right. Let's see who comes home. On this journey with me and then you know, it may not be as many people but they're like True Believers in what you're doing and like I love it, you know and and if you you know and quite honestly, I mean this is a perfect example is stand up and and covid-19 distinct says that if you get to do what you love to do, you've already want yeah, you know, it's it's so I see that life his first album that Closing Time album came out in seventy-three and that he put out an album every year until 1978 and then and then 1980 was heart-attack and Vine a 1983 was swordfishtrombones. Yeah, and then they became every two years and then five years between Frank's wild years back bone machine bone machine is the scariest thing you ever hear bone machines. We really yeah. It's it's like it's him going deep into these like dark song writing places thoughts..

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