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Now here's your host Wyatt Cocks Willard. Waterman is the Great Gildersleeve in an episode originally broadcast March Fifth. Nineteen fifty two their times. When you WANNA stop and talk to your neighbors and there's times when you don't get all depends on the mood you're as usual. The guilty feels like talking as he ambles on the office. Unfortunately the only neighbor available is Rumson Bullard. That bullied them sociable fellow. He's telling me coming down the street. You'd have to turn his back and digging flowerbed right George. Just for the heck of it. I'll make him Mr Bill. Would you better I said? Oh Oh oh you say hello I mean you you do you WanNa you. Fighting this year for doing is no snap. Dragons no well. Whatever you're finding it won't be long before the shoots coming up. We'll be judged on the threes. I saw Robin today. Well for you see. I noticed some ladder beside your driveway. What are you finally? Do those Gildersleeve what you usually do with ladders. Time your question yes. Sorry I can't stay in touch with you but I had to go goodbye. Goodbye Glam. Even father couldn't get anything out of that board. Aw when everybody is miserly. Dan Doing Ninety. I'm figuring how breath when I need two thousand dollars.

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