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Canadian on how we two or three still due to a a a slow moving landslide just south the Stillwater hill road working on a live one hour at the Clinton it terminal for the Afaria we have attraction however invites reefer snow Kali past pressure requirement for white passing a chain requirements on it Stevens a past article traffic is a five fourteen meteorologist Abby county has R. como eco roof forecast we're tracking some breezy to locally windy conditions as we head into the rest of your evening with those wind speeds expected to subside and early Monday morning now up until that point in time I think those wind gusts will cap between thirty and forty miles per hour in many locations the exception to this will be for folks in the northwestern here as well as the strait of Juan de Fuca we've got ongoing mountain snow overnight with the possibility for few lowland flurries into early tomorrow morning for Snohomish county and northward I need around a savvy accounting become a weather center currently mostly cloudy skies forty six in Seattle stay connected stay informed como Sunday good evening it is five oh five I'm Kelly bye with the top local stories from the comma twenty four seven news center strong winds are to blame for several power outages throughout Puget Sound today in a gust brought down a tree in a rented man underneath it covers the problem reports on the damage throughout king county my knees are shaking right now talking to you Susan Jackson said it happened at around seven fifteen in the morning you hear this tremendous crash with the house is vibrating she had been hearing the wind howled outside but had no idea what exactly caused that loud crash I'm walking through the house trying to determine and then look inside and see a large tree that fell directly toward our house destroying her car in the process this is the most painful is this is one of thousands of people who are affected one way or another by strong wind gusts that blew through Puget Sound at one point Sunday morning roughly thirty thousand people were without power wind toppled trees and power lines in places like some mannish it's a coop in renting a went from fairly calm to win trees were swaying and Hale was come in sideways this call was Nick problem reporting a person suffered critical injuries after strong winds caused a tree to crash into the apartment complex in Renton this morning person was trapped under trees they sat on the living room couch along two hundred ninety six Avenue southeast victim was taken to hospital in critical condition Seattle fire is working to help the other displaced residents tough community times for those traveling the passes today's heavy snows are coming down forecasts call.

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