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In lebanon beyond the fact that there's a desperate need for an injection of foreign currency in the country. Foreign currency has been depleted. People have that has caused the currency to dramatically lose. Its value the currencies and free fall. That's gone from Thousand five hundred to the dollar in previous years and months to now being twenty two thousand so this is over ninety percent drop in people's salaries their savings. Imagine just going to the bank and finding your wiped out everything you've saved your whole life. Imagine picking up your paycheck and getting you know maybe ninety five percent less of what you normally earn. How would you survive at the same time you're faced with quadrupling prices and supermarkets just to give you an example. Just a small box of floss in cost up to twenty twenty five thirty dollars Nowadays toothpaste the same so this is just an example of the price of meat. People are are not even able to afford to eat meat anymore in lebanon for the most part There's been a dramatic decrease. In sales and restaurants have closed businesses closed businesses. That employ people have been closing. It's really nightmarish. Scenario in many ways for the people who have been through so much Lebanese through wars every decade. And now there's an economic war on the country very hard for someone. Living in a western country to imagine how difficult what a rapid decline in lifestyle people have had in lebanon. People didn't live a very different lifestyle in many ways from people in in western countries to some extent. And now they have you know. Seen a dramatic decrease in their living standards. The general consensus is definitely. That lebanon needs an injection of currency live on needs an investment. You know i think what would be you know a real savior in these situations as a psychological you know confidence in the country and we know that the global financial markets are very psychological so if there was some kind of a western firm or Some other country who wanted to invest in in lebanon to build some kind of factory or manufacturing products. This would definitely be something that would help the people in the country to stand up on their own two feet however there is again this feeling that the international community is not interested in helping on stand on his feet interested in definitely having lebanon as a country that can be manipulated country that can serve strategic interests for other countries whether the western countries or the eastern countries whether iran and its allies of the us and its allies again. Don't really see lebanon as a country. They want to be independent. They want to have definitely A sphere of influence over This various strategic place so the hope that lebanese have the others will help them has always has almost never been to the benefit of the local people So again this is something that is maybe Hard to To imagine the national community coming through on this there was always the hope that some will actually help lebanon to help people And not to advance foreign interest. That was happy. Better investigative journalist and founder of the new site beirut report dot com. If you missed his other reports this week listen back online at monocle dot com to this week's episode of the globalist. Let's continue now. Today's newspapers joining me from osceola. Headquarters is flooring egli senior associated for the swiss foreign policy. Think tank good morning flurry. And how is due for stress in ninety this morning morning. Mit's looking nice and bright summaries here prophecy proper. Arrive right okay. So what papers are we taking down to the body this afternoon. And what are we going to be reading. So i've been reading already. Older swiss newspapers targets on zeiger ends. It's at looked through the new york. Times a bit of french. Loan and germany suit dorchester. So we have a big selection in front of us here. Why are we starting So let's let's take off in zurich showy so this is a bit of an entertaining story because syracuse or switzerland is typically regarded as as you know serious and organized and country with with structures in place. And now we hear of bit of corruption. I would say so roberto rodriguez. He's a social democrat. And he presides district school supervisory body and there is a bit of a scandal around him because he applied as a headmaster of another school a school which he oversees. Now he gets the job. Obviously he resigns from his old job and then receives three point five annual salaries of compensation from the city of surik. Which is six hundred fifty thousand. Because he has to resign early you know as he previously applied for job that he himself kind of gave to himself. So this is really. This is really interesting because there is outrage from old parties and but it kind of points to to a larger problem. I think that you know. Many cities in switzerland and and prep sauce around the world Ceric particularly has been governed by a very stable coalition of the The social democrats and some other left wing parties and there is just not enough political challenging there and That results in very absurd situations where you know. These people know them. No canadair peers for for tens tens of years and then i'm just you know reach these deals. Which which is which is just extremely unpleasant. And and Yeah it's kind of frustrating. If you live in the city and the co- the courts in in in the in the targets anti-graft that people are saying that there is a lack of distance here and that this does not work. I mean lack of distances very diplomatic way of saying that. There's a possibly a wider problem here and eat it. endemic is. Is this an isolated incident. I'm not sure. But i think what's endemic at least in my personal view as that you know this. Lack of political challenging or political competition in the city of eric has led to some outrageously expensive project. You know not just not just here in terms of you know This this one this one guy getting job and then a compensation package But also in terms of a load of infrastructure projects said that have just gone over budget crazy and there are no political consequences. Parliamentary executive buddies and actually under people have served all extremely aligned with their. You know seventy five percent in favor of the of the left wing coalition so there is never really a credible threat stood anything You know gets gets investigated for real and really thoroughly. And i think that's that's a release you. Here's what i would say. That part is endemic. Let's head to the new york times and Stories about beijing and climate change. Yes so then. The both no-one stories in the in the new york times one is in taiga. And i think Is interesting because both are kind of big policy approaches. That beijing is taking so the one is that beijing has launched the world's biggest carbon markets. So that's i would say really progressive policy. Righted follows kind of footsteps of the european union. Which is now the second biggest car market And it put a meaningful price on carbon emissions so at six point eight swiss francs which is approximately six euros Which is well below what we have in europe but it's still a reasonable kind of starting price. So that's a credible policy right and then on the other hand you have a big story in the new york times about how beijing is trying to regulate in. I would say parents do..

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