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A rude awakening when the Greg Hill fans come. When fucking hand is trending on rainy on? No problem with that. Irrelevant I mean. TJ Hubbard just said tweet. The tweet was at the clippers. tweet the Kurdish. Yeah, maybe somebody just sent me. Chris from Wakefield tweeted out a longer clip says it's curtis audio ulterior. Yeah the most pathetic thing I think I witnessed is a former talk show host prank, calling and calling dozens of times, his old radio station hold on hold on first of all I didn't call dozens of times I mean. I do it I'm. Sure. We called three or four times I would call forty. I would call a hundred times. This is what I do Chris, and by the way this is what you laugh at in kissed my ass, and said it was great and got first place bone checks like real ones like we finish. This is what Jin finishing real. We finish real first place, not pretend fantasyland first place real first place. So you do this and do that pathetic. It's called entertainer that's. That's what I do I like revenge. And now my revenge is on you I want I actually want now. Courtesy die I want him to drink himself to death like Nicholas Cage leaving Las Vegas I. Am rooting that openly now just so we're very clear about this I. Want Him to drink himself to death. Well, luckily you can. You're being irrelevant. You can go on twitter today and say get fucked curtis trending on twitter and it's done in five minutes. And it just seems silly to brag about, but the irrelevant things seems odd well. That's that's just like you know what that is. That's desperation Joe. Up The end, I had to block his effing number because I was getting text over the weekend about thank. You are an embarrassment by the way I said. I oh I some textbook in. Can you assigned to texts? I can go home right now, so that's texts. I sent him on. Friday I sent him the great. Hill audio about the ratings and I sent him the eighteen to thirty four. I said I'm confused. and. Then Saturday eight, fifty, four, a. m. m. update thanks. If you didn't get this. Thanks again. They set the text that was last one Saturday eight fifty four am nothing since. Nothing's. Those tax to tax in his pussy blocks me pussy boy, who wants to go in you know, go on his show and flex his muscles and do his stuff. This fucking idiot. This fucking Guy Gabe career to now turn his back on me calling me irrelevant. Rule the city now you're nobody live with..

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