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Jesus did casting out demons that seems to my mind. Preposterous will over. They're thinking about why we ought not to do so. There are a number of theories not everybody believes that demons are the vast majority of christians do believe that some people believe it ended with jesus when jesus was resurrected that that was sort of the end. But you see other stories after that. You see paul dealing with demons. There's a woman who chases them around drives them crazy and she's at says she's you know possessed by demons and that happens after so and then there's some people who believe it sort of ended you know with paul so you have all these different ideas but we have no indication in scripture that ended then And then there are other people who believe that demons are real but that they can't physically move things right. They can't physically manifest things. They can only sort of put ideas into our minds. It's you have all the face of just endless evidence to the contrary. I don't understand how people can cavalierly say such things. When you've got tons of anecdotes that you know seem to point in the other direction it seems kind of ridiculous need people on the mission field in particular have not been spades and they have all kinds of stories. So i'm really frankly amazed that up christians so called today could have an issue with this or they're just apathetic to it and i think that's the biggest group of those who they're just kind of like well it might exist but it's not something to be worried about. Well look around again. Look around the world. Look at what is happening right now. I think the most pervasive version of sort of spiritual warfare the things that slowly erode and. That's what most people most people are not going to experience a possession there now but some will and some have and some are right now but there are people who will be influenced through all of these things through media and hollywood and and just what is going on in our world through other people and even the ideas that are put into our head. The one thing and this is sort of random. But i wanted to bring it up because it was. It was very interesting to me. That really stuck out to me in interviews with people who have dealt with these issues. Is this idea of having this thought in your mind when you're being afflicted end your life and your life and your life that it was this constant you don't matter you're worth nothing and your life and you know i am not saying that every single person who commits. I'm just saying that there tended to be this tie between encouragement of suicide for people and that they don't matter and they don't mean anything demonic affliction and so that opens up a lot of interesting conversations as well again. I am not saying to clarify that. Every person i'm is is possessed who's committing suicide. But what i am saying is that there was a trend among those people who claim to have these issues that they were experiencing those thoughts and that was something that i found fascinating and troubling. It's it's it's horrifying to me that there are people who want to avoid this. I think that there are many christians who are simply embarrassed. They want people to respect him intellectually near afraid that if they talk about this people who look down their nose at them it's kind of like voting for trump. Like i could do that because i will lose ending. I think to myself folks. you go around once here. We are Why not simply speak the truth with confidence or talk about things and if somebody has a problem with it let it be their problem but there are many people as all about their own respectability and they issa. I couldn't possibly talk about demons and angels. I want to have a respectable kind she entity..

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