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What does the US think is in the minds of Chinese leaders in this hour week? Question of China's specialist who has advised the president. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I made till Martin. We'll also look at new US restrictions on exporting tech to China. Supreme court Justice. Steven Brier appears to issue. A rare warning to conservative members of the court. Also hear about an effort to prevent the opioid crisis from pulling families apart and podcast magic from our NPR student challenge. It is Tuesday may fourteenth. They'll make George Lucas turned seventy five. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington on korva Coleman. Secretary state might pump peyot is trying to stabilize U S Russian relations. He's in Sochi to meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin as NPR's. Michele Keleman reports. Secretary Pompeo has been outspoken about Russia in the past most recently accusing Moscow of propping up Venezuelan leader, nNcholas Maduro. But as he began a day of talks in Sochi. The secretary of state was sounding conciliatory I'm here today because President Trump is committed to improve in this relationship. Lashes foreign minister says it's time for Moscow in Washington to put aside years of mistrust and find a way to work together before the trip. Aides Bombayo said he would be raising concerns about a series of aggressive and stabilizing moves by Russia on the world stage. Michelle Kellerman, NPR news, the State Department US stocks bounced back this morning after a sharp drop on Monday. Currently the Dow was up two hundred twelve points. NPR? Scott Horsely reports investors remain wary about the prospect of prolonged trade battle between the US and China US stocks opened higher regaining some of the ground. They lost on Monday. When the Dow Jones industrial average plunged nearly two point four percent and the tech-heavy NASDAQ suffered and even steeper decline the sell off at the start of the week came as the US and China prepared to escalate their ongoing tariff battle the President Trump sounded cautiously optimistic late Monday that a trade agreement with Beijing might still be reached. Well, let you know about three or four weeks whether or not it was successful. You never really know. Right. But I have a feeling it's going to be very successful. No immediate talks are planned. Trump is expected to meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping at a g twenty summit late next month. Scott Horsely NPR news, Washington, another athletic coach is set to plead guilty in the college admissions cheating scandal. Laura Janki is a former soccer coach at the university of southern California from member station W. G B H in Boston. Kirk carapace reports she would be the fourth coach to do. So prosecutors say Jenky accepted bribes funneled through a fake charity. It was to create phony athletic profiles for the children of rich. Parents and get them accepted as recruits for sports that didn't even play under a plea agreement signed last month Janke has been cooperating with prosecutors and could be called to testify against others charged in the case to see her sentence. Reduce Kirk Karen Pezzo reporting, Montana. Governor Steve Bullock is going to seek the democratic presidential nomination in twenty twenty the two term governor says he won re election in two thousand sixteen even though President Trump carried Montana by twenty points. Bullock joins a crowded field. There are more than twenty Democrats seeking the presidential nomination. On Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials are now up one hundred ninety two points at twenty five thousand five hundred seventeen you're listening to NPR from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. A freelance journalist whose home and office were raided by San Francisco police is threatening legal action against the department. If his belongings are not returned acuity Sonia. Hudson reports Brian comedies lawyer says police illegally confiscated his clients cameras and other equipment during a Friday morning raid. Officers were looking for information connected to what they say is the illegal release of a police report connected to public defender. Jeff Adachi death first amendment, lawyers, including Carmody say the raid violated California's journalists shield law which protects journalists from giving up confidential sources, but San Francisco supervisor Sandra Lee, fewer says she believes the warrants were justified because as a stringer Carmody sells video footage and information. I don't know. The threshold of a journalist because he doesn't really report Carmody says he has an active SFP press. Badge and has worked with local news organizations for years. I'm sonia. Hudson cake, you news meteorologists.

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