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Know. It's a death cult. It's it's it's amazing to see. And then they closed with Hugo Chavez with me. No. You know, you got Chavis. Big. Do they censor Chagas? Meaning really that's how Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez. Okay. We're going to boycott grapes again. Okay. Cesar Chavez, not Hugo Chavez what nobody even knows Cesar Chavez anymore. Can what kind of lunatic introduces anything having to do a Caesar Chavez? Honestly, what is the matter with these people? And they do this weird clap because they're a cult raise your hands over your head. Now. Follow my class. Honestly. It's Monty python. You must be individuals. Yes. Let's go to let's go to the telephone. Let's say five not taking a phone call in a while in a while. Now, let's go to let's go to Lisa calling from from Nokes Ville Virginia. Lisa you're on. The Chris Plante show. Probably I'm excited to be talking to you. I'm a huge fan Drake cited to have you on the show. My question for you, a college professor actually several who told me in my class before basically that at some point the party faith in meaning that that theme party the Republican party that free to slave actually is the Democratic Party today. Yeah. That's that's pretty good trick. And that question how can they say this? And what can I say to somebody who is trying to tell me that this is a fact, well, you know, you probably have to do a little bit of reading on it. The reality is a nineteen sixty eight they claim the southern strategy of Richard Nixon allowed or or created a situation where the Republican party took in all of the southern racists that until that point had been voting for Democrats. But then they say the Democrats gave up racism, which has clearly untrue. Even today in the New York Times and laced over the weekend and the New York Times on college campuses with segregation. It's the left advancing segregation racial segregation today. The southern strategy is something that you can read up on. But I'll tell you what at least because I've read up on this myself, if you if you search for being or Google the myth of the southern strategy the myth of the southern strategy, you'll find story after story and victims. Aurea told me that you that you wanted to bring this up that you're a college student now that your professors are feeding you the democrat party propaganda line. Which is there was some kind of country. Swing dance dose Edo in nineteen sixty eight and they shed all of their racist history, which is completely absurd. And the Republicans took up racism somehow, it just kind of amazing now Senator Strom Thurmond, for example, had been a lifelong democrat Dixie crat racist. Segregationist gave up all that stuff. And later in life became a Republican Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia created the cake had democrat created the KKK in West Virginia state of democrat all his life. He was eulogized by Barack Obama, quite ironically. But this is a clansman a segregationist, Richard Russell, all the all the Democrats racist and segregationist, and then the Democrats with the help of academia and the New York Times had to find a way like snakes to shed their skin and reinvent themselves, which they do from time to time because they have echinacea and the New York Times working for them and. Ali would too for that matter. Now, the reality is that in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the country was coming apart at the seams LBJ had gotten a so far into the Vietnam war after John F Kennedy got us in a little bit LBJ got us in a lot and in nineteen sixty eight they were riots we had the assassination of Martin Luther King followed by the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, and the Democrats were driving the country into the side of a mountain and most Americans decided that the Democrats were no longer their favorite party in that included a lot of former democrat voters in the south and all kinds of states across the south the Republicans had, but they called the sunshine state strategy, which went from Florida to California. But and the south is in there, but it wasn't necessarily specifically targeting southern states. They the segregation issue the Democrats had fought hard to maintain segregation. And so on they ended up losing the fight a Republican president Dwight Eisenhower had to send the one hundred first airborne division down to Little Rock Arkansas to move a democrat governor. Out of the school house store at central high in Little Rock and so on. But here's what I want you to do because I know I've been hearing this argument for years, just like you. And in fact, I think I was probably taught the same lie when I was in college. But if you Google the words myth of the southern strategy, and I did that while while you were waiting there is a good pace by Danish. Desouza in the hill called the myth of Nixon's southern strategy. There are several pieces I even found one in the New York Times of all liberals, like college professors must believe everything that has written in the New York Times because it's the law the myth of the southern strategy and the New York Times on it's actually kind of a book review of of scholars academics. Honest ones a couple picking apart the notion that the Democrats have been peddling, look, you know, Elissa you've been watching the Russia collusion thing. It's ally. The there is no crisis at their border there at our southern border. There are no caravans coming. It's ally. The the number of lies these. These people tell on a daily basis is just mind boggling, and the idea, of course, they wanted to wash their hands of their racist history. Of course, they did. They're the people that the kicked black people out of the Woolworth's sitting at the lunch counter. They're the people that had the black only drinking fountains. Of course, they want to absolve themselves of their sins and their crimes it was FDR that through every Japanese person in the United States into an internment camp in in my mother and father is lifetime. You know? This is you think this can't happen? It can when you have draconian governments in charge even in the United States. But in case, I do go on don't talk. Here's what I'd like you to do at least I'd like you to Google the myth of the southern strategy. Find the national Souza's piece find peace by Klay Reisen in the New York Times magazine and give those read and those will those will give you clues to the next the next thing to read and life. Unfortunately requires a lot of reading, and I know that and I know that liberals won't believe if it comes. From the daily caller comes from the daily caller doesn't matter. How true it is? Which is why with liberals I always liked to use sources like the New York Times, your professor will hate to Nash to Sousa because the national Sousa is a first generation American immigrant Indian and he's smarter than your professor. So he resigned as a conservative, and they don't like immigrants to be conservatives and be pro Americans. So they're very resentful of that. But with college professors, it's always best to use Washington Post, New York Times left wing sources to shoot down their own false claims and their myths that they like to peddle, you know, what I mean there are a couple of books referenced in there. I don't expect you to go through and read all the books on it. But I think that you can find articles that will provide you with a bucket full of of counter points. So that you may reasonably and rationally as an adult it's hard to find this kind of a conversation. These days present your professor with counterfacts, which do not support his claim. And then I mean, honestly today, it's the left and Democrats that are segregating college campuses. It's this guy in the New York Times that says he won't date white women because his friends have pressured him his friends are all liberals to date. White women is the soft bigotry of low expectations that the democrat party and the left brings and I gotta say another thing Republican elected Republican officials are terrified of issues of race. They don't they don't chase issues of race. They don't the left. And that includes the news media loves to claim that Republicans are dividing the country along lines of race. I challenge them to find a single instance where that's the case, and they'll say, well, Trump wants a Muslim ban. It's not a race. There's a thing called terrorism, and it didn't even apply to whole bunch of Muslim countries. Just by the way, only the countries that could not guarantee that they check passports before people got on planes and things like that and close the border. Well, the border is out of control and that goes to sovereignty and by the way, everybody south of the border. Is Caucasian they're Hispanic, but they're Caucasian. So it's an ethnic thing not a race thing. But they don't differentiate because they're not very bright people. And I know what you're up against. I want to ask where you're going to school because they're all the same anyway. But but this is what they try to drill into your head. When you're a college student, and it happened to me too. I was a liberal when I was in college, and and I had to educate myself to get up to speed on these matters because your college professors are not gonna help in this regard. Generally speaking, the news media, and Stephen Colbert are not going to help in. This regard the New York Times not gonna help Hollywood movies. They're not going to help. So you really have to do your own research on this stuff. But but the whole southern strategy idea that they were stealing the racists from the Democrats is ludicrous. It was nineteen sixty eight Vietnam assassinations riots, the democratic convention they lost get over it. And honestly, it's kind of like two thousand sixteen Lisa where? They lost. And they can't get over it. And they have to make up fantastical stories, and that's what they did in nineteen sixty eight when they lost. It was LBJ. He wasn't even running again got us into the Vietnam war, Hubert Horatio, Hornblower Humphrey, and Richard Nixon one they lost. They made up a story about it. All they stole are racists. No, no. Actually, we didn't. It's just that. Nobody voted for you that year because you were burning the country down, and you had us in another war in southeast Asia. And by the way, Harry Truman democrat got us into the Korean war. FDR got a set of World War, Two liberal, Democrat and turned all the Japanese and the segregationist racist clan supporter. Woodrow Wilson of progressive democrat got us into World War One just a couple of fun facts and the president of the confederacy was Jefferson Davis. And he was a democrat Lincoln was a Republican. So honestly, and then they wash their hands of themselves. They distance themselves from themselves because of their own stain of a history. And they. Naturally blame the other guy because that's what we do know what I mean I've gone on for long enough heaven. I appreciate it. It just blows my mind that people are such sheep. And they believe this stuff that they're fed. They're lazy. They're intellectually lazy. And I've got a problem with college professors that still pedal this stuff because if they do this for a living. I mean, I do this for a living. I'm not a college professor. But I gobble up information all day every day pretty much and these people apparently don't either that or they're intellectually dishonest. And I guess it's probably mostly the latter rather than the former, but it's a terrible thing and college I are you having a wonderful time at college. Are you learning a lot of good stuff? Or can you not say? And a lot of good things transferring from college to liberty university. Okay. Well, congratulations. That's gonna make all the difference in the world. See there, you're going to be challenged with facts, and with documents historical documents, you're going to become an expert on the constitution of the United States. That is great. And you're and you're not going to be brainwashed. You're going to be educated. Boy, that's great. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Then one day you're going to look back on this professor in community college. And you're going to laugh at this person. You say how can and it's not just community college that you get this at at major universities and colleges all across America. You get insane things insane things there the left they lie all the time. And it scares me because these domini young people even my sister, they're leading that way. And they can't be relate yet. And I hope that people grow out of it. Yeah. Well, it it becomes a pop culture thing. If you're going to be on the inside of the joke at Saturday Night, Live and Stephen Colbert, you gotta be on that side of the argument, you, you know, you know, who the bad guys are those terrible racist Republicans. Now, I mean, again, Republicans aren't segregating schools colleges along lines of race. Democrats are just as they did in the nineteen fifties and before and we're the ones who argue against racial segregation. And we still have to argue with Democrats over racial segregation because they are still racially segregating America just scratching the surface. Right. There gives you a pretty good taste of what's going on. Republicans are not doing that Elissa. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. I want you to check back in your you're at liberty. For a while. Okay. All right. Thanks very much. God bless that. What a great opportunity. I wish I could go to liberty right now. I wish I could just go become a college student at liberty university. That'd be.

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